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How We Assist:

The Economic Development, Marketing and Tourism Division provide a number of programs and services to assist new, existing and potential businesses.
  • Provide detailed information and statistics about the Town of Gravenhurst;
  • Administer Financial Incentives and business development tools and resource;
  • Help navigate municipal policies and processes related to growth and development;
  • Assist with marketing local business successes and achievements;
  • Coordinate tours of available land and buildings;
  • Make connections to local and regional partners and stakeholders;
  • Support local workforce development through employee transition and integration.

Programs and Services:

Community Improvement Grant Program
The Community Improvement Grant Program provides funding to business and property owners within the Downtown Core. Applicants can apply for various building improvement projects such as facade, structural, signage and digital upgrades.  Grants cover up to 50% of costs to a specified maximum and can be stacked up to $15,000 per building.
Business and Investment Concierge Program

This core service includes a number of elements to assist local entrepreneurs and potential investors obtain data and navigate community opportunities and resources as well as municipal policies and procedures as needed. This includes; Community Information and Investment PackagesSite Selection Coordination and Internal Department Navigation and Meeting Coordination, New Business Packages, Grand Opening Coordination....and more! 

Gravenhurst Dollars Program
This program supports local businesses by encouraging residents and visitors to shop local.  The branded gift certificates can be used like cash at participating businesses.  In partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, businesses can redeem and be reimbursed dollar for dollar for all spent dollars gift certificates in their establishment. Recently the program was expanded to allow for the purchase of Gravenhurst Dollars online.
Filming Concierge Program
The Filming Concierge Program assist those in the film and photography industry obtain permits and approvals to "shoot on-location" in Gravenhurst. We can also make location suggestions and help connect site scouts with land and business owners. Staff created and provide a resource guide to make the process easy to navigate. 
Local Business Directory
Local Business Listings on the Town's Online Business Directory provides our businesses a free outlet to market they company, products or services. We know business owners are busy so our staff add, update and maintain listings on behalf of our business community instead of putting the onus on them.
New Employee Fam Tour Program
New Employee Fam Tour Program is the first program under our Workforce Development portfolio. This program assists new full-time employees moving to Gravenhurst for employment get to know the community and connect them with people, recourses and things to do based on their needs and interests.
Settlement Services Program
The Settlement Services Program assists new full-time employees moving to Gravenhurst for employment find transitional housing options. This is the second program under our Workforce Development portfolio.
Trailing Spouses Program
Often employers are only thinking of the new employee they've hired, not the impact to their family.  The Trailing Spouses Program is the third program under our Workforce Development portfolio and assists the spouses of a new full-time employee find employment opportunities based on their skills and interests.


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