As a landlord or short-term rental property owner, your tenants or renters become part of the Gravenhurst neighbourhood. Help them be a good neighbour by the following:

Be a friendly landlord or rental property owner

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbours as the landlord or short-term rental property owner
  • Be courteous and considerate of your neighbours concerns or issues related to your tenants or renters
  • Consider providing your contact information to your neighbours in case of questions or concerns. 

Respectfully handle issues

  • Calmly talk to your neighbour in person or on the phone about their concern
  • Keep your conversation calm, polite and respectful for a positive conversation
  • Respectfully listen and work together to resolve any concerns or issues
  • If you have tried all of the above, report it online or call our By-law Department.

Be considerate

  • Share relevant by-laws with your long or short-term renters
  • Ask renters to check the Fire Danger Rating online before they have a fire
  • Share your emergency contact with your long or short-term renters and neighbours for any issues that need your help resolving
  • Share any lake association code of conducts such as the Muskoka Lakes Association Good Neighbour Code with your long or short-term renters

Share key information with your renters 

When it comes to sharing key information with your short term renters, we have made it easy with a brochure! 

To request a FREE print version of the brochure(s) fill out the form below: 

Request a Renter Information Brochure

Common concerns for landlords

When it comes to being a good neighbor as a landlord or short-term rental property owner, it’s important to be familiar with the following and communicate it to your long or short-term renter:

 Relevant by-laws

 Relevant by-laws include:

 Report a concern
If you need assistance related to animal control, community standards, property standards and zoning by-laws please submit a by-law complaint form. You can also phone our By-law department at 705-687-3412 ext. 266 or ext. 241
 Septic systems
In rural areas, many homeowners are not connected to municipal services and will often use septic systems. To help keep our lakes and ground water pollution-free, make sure you perform regular septic system maintenance. Learn more about septic systems.
Summer septic re-inspections are available through the Gravenhurst Building Department.
 Garbage and recycling 
 Information on how to manage your garbage and recycling in a responsible manner can be found below:

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