Muskoka Business Insights

Have you been considering opening a business or developing land in Muskoka?  We have put together a number of business insight articles to help you understand and navigate the Muskoka market and provide you with "How To" information to assist you in meeting your business goals.

 Find the Perfect Location – What to Consider When Looking to Lease or Purchase Space

Map Application saying "Your Business Here"The physical place you set up shop can impact the success of your business, so whether you are opening your first location, expanding into a larger space or taking on a secondary location, much thought needs to go into this. We can assist you through this process by helping you to narrow down potential options that best fit your needs and by providing you with resources to help you in your search for the ideal storefront in Gravenhurst.

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How to Expand Into a New Market, Keys to Opening a Secondary Location

Grand opening of the brick in downtown gravenhurstOpening a second location takes time, planning and capital. Reliable data is necessary to form the right decisions and build a strategy that covers each step of the process. If you are planning your expansion, we can provide the information you will need to consider and offer insight on the current (and future) Muskoka economic landscape based on local research.

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 Attracting Recreational Boaters to Your Business

People standing on the dock at the Muskoka wharfRecreational boating is a favourite Muskoka pastime and transient boaters have a significant impact on the local economy. When visiting a new location, boaters are looking for things to do such as shopping, dining and exploring. What can you do to attract recreational boaters? We will help outline opportunities that will make your business stand out as a reason for them to come ashore!

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How to Expand Your Seasonal Business Into a Year Round Success

Exterior of the Auburn Gallery in winterWhile the summer season continues to be the busiest, “peak season” has been extended from the traditional months of July and August to a longer season of May through October, and four-season tourism in Gravenhurst is growing every year.
We offer you insight that will explain how to adapt and increase profits within this changing market by offering suggestions for ways to make your seasonal business thrive all year long.

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Top 5 Business Ideas for People Who Love the Outdoors in Muskoka

Group of hikers in the forestWater, rocks and trees, oh my! The fresh air and rugged natural beauty of Muskoka has been attracting people to the region for centuries. If you have an entrepreneurial mind and you're ready to ditch your cubicle and 9-5 for a career that allows you to get outside more, this information just might give you the extra assurance you need to make the leap. 

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Top 5 Small Business Ideas for Those Looking to Set Up Shop in Muskoka

Welcome/open signLooking for some inspiration for what kind of business to start? Perhaps you already have an idea, but you're not sure if it would be a good fit in Gravenhurst. We can provide you with statistics and advice based on the needs of our community. We have identified some of the most needed and therefore profitable small businesses in Muskoka. 

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Use Data to Increase Your Business' Potential

Business Man explaining data collectedData should be at the start of any strategic decision making in your business. It doesn’t matter if you run a large corporation or a small business. Learn how to find data that can help to answer key business questions. 

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 What Your Small Business Can do to Succeed in Muskoka

Local Business Owner Baya stands outside her shopThinking of opening a business in Muskoka? We will outline what you need to know about the current (and future) Muskoka business landscape. Locally specific data has been used to identify what makes Muskoka a highly reputable destination and how you can leverage opportunities to ensure your business has success all year round. 

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Why Commercial Development is a Good Investment in Muskoka 

Staircase with retail wordsWith virtually no vacancy, low building and development fees and a number of available undeveloped lots, new commercial projects are a needed component to meet current and future growth demands. Learn about local insights and opportunities for you as a developer!

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