Networking & Community Support

Networking and Community Support

Gravenhurst Business Improvement Area (GBIA)

The GBIA is an independet body with a primary mandate focused on beautification initiatives but it has more recently evolved to include a mandate to sustain and develop the Downtown core through promotions, events and marketing activities.

Gravenhurst Chamber of Commerce

The local Chamber of Commerce strongly believes that supporting our business community ensures our town's continued growth and vitality. They provide access to business development opportunities and participate in projects that contribute to the Town's vitality.

Meeting and Event Space Database

Find the perfect venue for your meeting, party or event.  This database lists information about local indoor and outdoor spaces.

Employment North

Employment North is a non-profit, community based agency, assisting individuals businesses with employment development through employee/employer connections, training, skills development and administer many provincial and federal financial assistance programs for employers.

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