Tourism & The Visitor Experience

Tourism is a driving sector in Gravenhurst and Muskoka, with millions visiting the region annually. 

Seasonal Recreational Activities in Gravenhurst

The Visitor Information Collection Program is a comprehensive annual survey to gather local visitor demographics and trends. As a four-season destination the program runs January to December ensuring we capture seasonal insights to identify similarities or differences in visitor demographics, wants and needs for each. This data sets sector baselines and assist in the development of tourism plans and initiatives. Check out the Gravenhurst Getaway Contest webpage.

Check back soon for our 2021 Report!


2020 Report

Read the 2020 Visitor Experience Report. Highlights include: 

  • The survey received 872 valid surveys that accounted for 2,766 visitors
  • Visitors' main reason for visiting shifted towards rest and relaxations
  • A large number of visitors reported visiting during shoulder seasons which prompted an increase in the number of request for fall and winter activities
  • On average each group contains 3.2 guest and spends an average of $444.75
  • 2020 saw an increase in visitors with children and those between the ages of 19 and 45
  • 98% of visitors intended on returning to Gravenhurst in the future
  • Personal experiences/connections and online sources continue to be the primary way that visitors plan their time in Gravenhurst
2019 Report

Read the 2019 Visitor Experience Report. Highlights include:

  • The survey received 1,534 valid surveys (up from 685 in 2018) that accounted for 5,323 visitors (2,206 in 2018)
  • There has been an in increase in the percentage of visitors who are groups of adults and families with kids or youth, with a decrease in single travelers.
  • There was an increase in regional visitors "staycationing" in neighbouring communities
  • Visitor’s main reason for coming to Gravenhurst in 2018 was in order to see friends and family, this changed in 2019 with the majority of visitors coming to Getaway ad enjoy some Rest and Relaxation
  • The visitor spending per capita dropped, which is consistent with both the Annual Business Review and provincial economic trends
  • Using internet and social media to plan visits increased in 2019 while print and traditional media has decreased
  • Day Trippers were the largest survey demographic in 2019, which is believed to contribute to the reduction of per capita spending
2018 Report

Read the 2018 Visitor Experience Reports. Highlights include:

  • The survey received 640 valid surveys
  • Identification of four (4) distinct visitor groups; Day-Trippers, Weekenders, Mid-Weekers and Extended Holidayers
  • Most visitors travelled to multiple regional locations during their visit, especially if staying more than 1 day 
  • Day-Trippers and Weekenders had the highest ratios of children and youth making up 70% of the total respondent mix
  • Younger Millennials (18-29) make up the largest percentage of Mid-Weekers and Extended Holidayers
  • There were noted similarities between the gaps in tourism product identified by respondents in this survey and the recently released Gravenhurst Retail mix and Gap Analysis. (i.e. culinary experiences, indoor attractions, shopping opportunities, etc.)
  • A number of suggestions for new activities and experiences are events or attractions already available in Gravenhurst (Farmers’ Market, Outdoor Music/Movies, etc.)


Currently in development, The Gravenhurst Tourism Destination Plan is intended to grow and support our local and regional tourism economy, and will foster overall community growth and development. A focus has be given to the off-season, being November to April, which was identified as an area of improvement through consultations with local businesses and tourism partners. 

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