Workforce Development

The Town of Gravenhurst works closely with its local and regional employment organizations to assist the community and support a healthy and diverse workforce.  In 2019, workforce consultations were completed with local businesses to better understand their current challenges and how the municipality could further it's involvement and support.

The Economic Development Team developed a number workforce programs focused on new employee retention and community integration which businesses can apply for.

  • Settlement Services – connects a new employee to local property owners and managers or real estate agents to find appropriate housing, whether that be transitional, a long-term rental, or to purchase a permanent residence.
  • Community FAM Tour – a personal one-on-one tour of the Town and its history, introducing the new employee to specific places, people and resources depending on their unique interests and needs.
  • Trailing Spouses Assistance – This program assists the spouse of the new employee directly to find their own meaningful connections and/or employment. Often those relocating for a new job have a family.

As a business you can nominate new or potential employees for one of three programs: Settlement Services, Trailing Partner Support or Familiarization Support.  Fill the nomination form out here for employees who could potentially use this service. 

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