Beach Rules

For your safety and enjoyment, please abide by the following Waterfront Rules:

  1. Always obey the lifeguards
  2. Patrons must stay inside the designated swimming area.
  3. Inflatable objects are not permitted Example: Water wings, rings, rafts or toys.
  4. Play safe! Pushing, shoving, backward diving, jumping or horseplay is not permitted. 
  5. Please notify the lifeguards of any medical conditions you may have.
  6. Do not hang on the buoy lines or swim under the docks.
  7. Do Not climb on lifeguard chair.

Beach Listings




Bass Lake Park


Bass Lake, 1015 Loft Rd


  • Swimming area
  • Unsupervised
  • Picnic Tables

Franklin Park


Sparrow Lake, 1615 Kilworthy Rd
  • Swimming area
  • Unsupervised
  • Picnic Tables
  • Boat Launch
  • Public Docking

Gull Lake Rotary Park

Gull Lake, 405 Brock St




  • Swimming area
  • Picnic Tables (Outdoor and Sheltered)
  • Playground
  • Beach Volleyball Court
  • Snack Bar
  • Public Docking

Lorne St Beach 


Lake Muskoka, 615 Lorne St



  • Swimming area
  • Unsupervised
  • Picnic Tables

Muskoka Bay Park



Lake Muskoka, 700 Muskoka Rd 169


  • Unsupervised   
  • Picnic Tables (sheltered)
  • Baseball facilities
  • Tennis Court

Muskoka Beach Park


Lake Muskoka, 1141 Muskoka Beach Rd

The revitalization of Muskoka Beach has been identified as an approved 2021 capital budget project. 


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