Boat Launches and Public Docks

Muskoka Wharf Marina is located at 295 Steamship Bay Road.

Boater's Safety Code

Boater's Safety Code

Boater's are encouraged to view one or more of the following websites for more information on boater safety.

 Find a boat launch, dock or public water access to visit one of the our lovely lakes in Gravenhurst.

The Town centre sits between Muskoka Lake and Gull Lake. We also have many other beautiful lakes in our area to explore and enjoy.

Use a boat launch or public dock to:

  • Enjoy and explore the lakes in Gravenhurst
  • Access a shoreline cottage without a road
  • Access an island property

 The sections below describe what may be  available at each lake, location,  Google map link and or general directions.  COVID-19 restrictions will be in place at certain locations.

Boat Launch, Slips, Public Dock or Lake Access Point

Deer Lake Access Trail

  • Unmaintained foot path to lake (adjacent to 1026 Snider's Bay Rd)
  • Location and Directions: 1030 Snider's Bay Road
  • Muskoka Road 169 to Snider's Bay Road adjacent to 1026 Snider's Bay Road

Gull Lake

Moody Drive Launch

  • Launch Only
  • No docking
  • Location and Directions: 380 Moody Drive [google map link]
  • Muskoka Road 169 to Moody Drive

Hewitt Street Landing

  • Docks and Launch
  • Location and Directions: 1101-A Hewitt Street[google map link]
  • between 1100 and 1101 Hewitt Street

Loon Lake and Turtle Lake

Loon and Turtle Lake Landing

  • Docks and launches
  • Location and Directions: 83 Loon Lake Rd N4
  • at the end of the road between 81 and 85 Loon Lk Rd N4

Loon Lake Access 1

  • Foot path to lake
  • Location and Directions: 5 Loon Lake Rd N4
  • adjacent to number 7 Loon Lake Rd N4

Loon Lake Access 2

 Kashshe Lake


 North Kahshe Lake Dock and Launch (Kuey's Bay)
  • Launch
  • Dock for loading with mooring cleats for approximately 7 boats
  • Location and Directions:1290 North Kahshe Lake Rd at the end of the paved portion of Town road.
  • Provincial Highway 11N to North Kahshe Lake Road to the end of the paved road section.
 South Kahshe Lake Dock and Launch
  • Boat Launch
  •  Municipal dock for loading with mooring cleats for 6 docks
  • Location and Directions: 1117-1A S Kahshe Lake Rd  (Water Lot in front of 1117 S Kahshe Lk Rd)
  • Provincial Highway 11N to South Kahshe Lake Road at corner to South Bay Road
 Nagaya Wharf
  • Municipal Dock for loading with mooring cleats for 6 boats
  • Next to marina called Denne’s Marina
  • Port-a-Pottie
  • Location and Directions: 1186-A North Kahshe Lake Road
  • Provincial Highway 11 to 1186-A North Kahshe Lake Road turn down laneway Oriole Rd or between 1086-2  and 1088 North Kahshe Lake Road


Morrison Lake

North Morrison Lake Landing

  • Dock and launch

Location and Directions: 1179 N Morrison Lake Rd

Morrison Creek Landing

  • dock and landing

Location and Directions: 1320 South Morrison Lake Road (is actually access to Severn River)

Muldrew Lake

Indian Landing

Muskoka Lake

Glen Echo Landing

  • Boat launch with small dock at the end of road allowance
  • No parking
  • Location and Directions: 1020 Glen Echo Road
  • Muskoka Road 169 to 1020 Glen Echo Road located between 1007 and 1016 Glen Echo Road

Muskoka Lake - Muskoka Wharf Boat Launch and Marina

The Muskoka Wharf Marina located at 295 Steamship Bay Rd  Muskoka Wharf Marina Logo

  • Located at 295 Steamship Bay Road, this public boat launch and Marina has a variety of docks and boat slips available, depending on your length of stay.
  • COVID-19 restrictions if applicable will apply to staffing, fuel and washroom facilities.
  • All boaters using the municipal marina are reminded to abide by COVID-19 safety protocols when directed.
  • If you are waiting for fuel, please watch for other boaters around you and maintain a safe distance between watercraft.
  • When launching your boat, please keep the depth of the water in mind and leave the area slowly with minimal wake.

Services Available

  • 3 Launches at 295 Steamship Bay Road
  • fuel - mid-grade, non-ethanol 
  • 2 stroke oil available for sale
  • Public restroom and on-site Port-a-Potties   
  • Public parking
  • 2 Public Docks (Dock A and Dock C)
  • 3 Gated Docks for leasing slips (101 slips total)


2023 Hours of Operation: June 8 to September 4 (Labour Day)

  • Monday and Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday and Thursday: 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 
  • Friday and Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Sunday 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Hours of Operation may be modified over the summer 

Daily slips for lease - 10 slips up to seven (7) day stay 

  • Slips not available during Annual Wharf events. Dates to be determined.
  • Fee is $31 per day plus HST, maximum seven (7) day stay. 
  • Gated dock 
  • All booked for the August long weekend. Our Public Docks are available for during the day. 
  • Email with questions
  • Complete this application to book a reservation

Monthly Slips for lease 

  • Dock D seasonal and monthly slips located behind the Marriott and Discovery Centre
  • Dock B seasonal, monthly and daily
  • Both docks gated for additional security
  • Complete the Lease Agreement
  • Confirmation of Insurance required
  • Waiting list 2024
  • Email  with questions 

Wharf Docks Map

Docks A-E Muskoka Wharf Map

Seasonal Slips for lease   

Dock E seasonal slips - no availability at this time 

  • Prime location near the Marriott
  • Gated access for security
  • Seasonal term only
  • Waiting List Form 2024
  • Fees 

Severn River

Severn River Public Dock

Nesbitt Launch

  • Launch only
  • Provincial Highway 11 N to Nesbitt Road

Sparrow Lake

Franklin Park Launch

  • Dock and Launch
  • Port a Pottie
  • Location and Directions: 1615 Kilworthy Rd
  • Provincial Highway 11S to 1615 Kilworthy Road Joy Road

Goldfinch Access

Water access only

Location and Directions: 1015 Goldfinch Crt

between 1013 and 1017 Goldfinch Crt

Sparrow Lake Access

  • water access (License of occupation for private dock)
  • 1821 Kilworthy Rd

Sunny Lake

Sunny Lake Launch

Three Mile Lake

  • access point only
  • Original Shore Road Allowance Jevins and Silver Lake Conversation Reserve, adjacent to 1325 Sam Cook Road

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