By-laws and Policies


GPL Procedural By-Law No. 2021-01


GOV-01-Purpose of the Board
GOV-02-Board Orientation
GOV-03-Duties and Responsibilities of Individual Board Members

GOV-04-Succession Planning
GOV-05-Policy Development
GOV-06-Board Training
GOV-07-Board Self Evaluation

GOV-08-Board-CEO/Chief Librarian Partnership

GOV-10-Terms of Reference for Committees
GOV-11-Finance Committee
GOV-12-Building Committee
GOV-14-Intellectual Freedom
GOV-15-Communications and Planning Committee
GOV-16-Use of Corporate Resources in Municipal Elections
GOV-17-TOR-Policy Committee
GOV-18-TOR-Strategic Planning Committee
GOV-19-Procurement of Goods and Services


PER-01-Working Alone
PER-02-Staff Use of Technology 
PER-03-Staff Use of Social Media
PER-04-Volunteer Program

PER-05-Human Resource Management
PER-06-Hiring of Employees
PER-07-Hours of Work
PER-08-Vacation, Public Holidays and Leave
PER-09-Compensation and Benefits
PER-10-Professional Development, Performance, Evaluation and Discipline

PER-11-Payment of Employment or Board Related Expenses

PER-12-Employee Code of Conduct

PER-13-Workplace Discrimination and Harassment

PER-14-Prevention of Workplace Violence

PER-15-Disconnecting From Work
PER-16-Electronic Monitoring of Employees


SER-01-Resource Sharing
SER-02-Children's Services
SER-03-Teen Services
SER-04-Reference and Information Services
SER-05-Local History
SER-06-Adult Services
SER-07-Community Information
SER-08-Copying of Material
SER-09-Visual Art Exhibits
SER-10-Meeting Room and Equipment Rental
SER-11-Internet Access

SER-12-Proctoring Services


MAT-01-Collection Development 


FAC-01-Hours of Operation


PAT-01-Privacy, Access to Information and Electronic messages under CASL
PAT-02-Circulation of Materials
PAT-03-Patron Code of Conduct

PAT-04-Accessibility in the Library
PAT-05-Children's Program Code of Conduct

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