Covid Impacts - What's Open

Keep up to date with the latest services available during the 2021 Lockdown.  Remember to support local whenever possible - together we will get through this. 

If you are looking to start up a Home-Based business to provide services during lockdown and beyond check out the Guide here!

Restaurant Location Open Offering Takeout Open Offering Delivery Online Shopping or Store Available Additional Info
Bethune's Bistro  X      
Blue Willow Tea Room     X  Closed
Boston Pizza        Closed 
Carey's Irish Pub  X    
China House  X    Open Friday to Sunday
Frosty Pint Pub    
Muskoka Bay Resort


Only On Property 

Old Mill Family Restaurant      
Rickshaw Restaurant   Open
Rombo's       Open
Sawdust City Brewing Co.     X

Retail Open

Saloon Closed

Skyway's Restaurant and Truck Stop      Open
Summerland General Store       Open
Sushi by the Water   Open Friday to Sunday
Tea Beards     Open
The Bakery     Open
The Butcher's Daughters   X Open
The Oar X   Open Wednesday to Sunday
The Wheelhouse Cafe     Open
Well Fed     Open as of January 11
Wild Wing  X   Open 

Fast Food Locations

Harvey's X   X Open for Drive-thru
Kentucky Fried Chicken     Open
McDonald's   X Open 
Mr. Sub  X X Open
Oliver's Coffee     Open
Pizza Hut   Open
Pizza One     Open
Pizza Pizza   Open
Pizza Station   Open Tuesday to Saturday
Subway  X Open
Swiss Chalet  X Open for Drive-thru
Tim Horton's   Open

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