General Rules

 Beach Water Testing
The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit undertakes water quality monitoring at designated public beaches between June & September.  Water is sampled for bacteria and inspected for safety on a weekly basis.  If there is cause for concern, the public is notified immediately. All beach water testing results can be found on the Health Unit’s website.
Open fires and charcoal BBQ’s are not permitted in our parks, but propane BBQ’s or stoves are acceptable. 


Several parks have picnic shelters available for shade or cover from the weather.  Temporary shelters, canopies or tents cannot be erected on the beach or in a park. 

Dogs are allowed in the parks if they are kept on a leash and owners ‘scoop the poop’ - however, dogs are not permitted on the beach or in the swimming areas. 
 Smoking and Vaping
Smoking, vaping, e-cigarettes and chewing tobacco are prohibited at all parks & beaches under the Smoke Free Ontario Act and the Smoke Free Outdoor Spaces By-law.


Open containers and drinking of alcoholic beverages in public is illegal in Ontario, and therefore not permitted.  Exceptions for community special events, hosted in public spaces through approved application to the Town, may be considered.


Seagulls, geese and ducks are common in and around our beach areas. 


Please refrain from feeding them and place all food waste in the garbage cans provided.  Feeding attracts more birds and also causes birds to lose their fear of humans, become aggressive, and stay in their winter habitat longer and not migrate south.

Excessive bird droppings can be a potential health hazard and may also impact water quality.


The Town of Gravenhurst is working to improve beach water quality and our waterfront parks with the assistance of expert services from Muskoka Goose Control.  Part of the goose control strategy includes the use of well-trained dogs to deter the birds from creating habitat in our parks.  If you see goosing staff on site, please don’t interact with or distract the dogs while they are on active duty.

 Other Water Access Points
In addition to our public beaches, there are additional public water access points on many lakes throughout Gravenhurst.   These locations include Boat Launches, Docks and Landings as opposed to swimming areas.

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