Old Stone Road Trail

This historical route was once an alternate route between Bala & Gravenhurst.

Imagine the wagon traffic of bygone times while strolling among the pine and spruce that grow along one of Muskoka's original roads. Paths of stone mark the trail & huge boulders mark time past.

 Trail Information

  • Highway 169 from Gravenhurst to North Muldrew Lake Rd.
  • Follow North Muldrew Lake Rd 5.6 km to Pine Tree Lane.
  • Stay left on North Muldrew Lake Rd and follow a gravel road 0.9 km to the trailhead on the right.

Trail Map

Accessibility Information

Trail Surface: uneven natural earth, barren rock, gravel roadbed

Trail Width: Avg. 2.0m, Min. 0.35m

Typical Grade: 1 - 5 % (44% of the trail is +/- 1%, 18m of the trail is > 30%)

Cumulative Change in Elevation (east to west)

Gain + 49.9m   Loss - 35.4m


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