Parks and Trails

Please follow the current provincial guidelines in effect for COVID-19 in public spaces.  


Play equipment at a park

 Rules for Parks

 Open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

  • No vendors permitted
  • No littering, please put trash in square green bins with handles
  • No fireworks, firearms, or golfing permitted
  • No camping or overnight parking
  • No fires or charcoal barbeques , only propane barbeques
  • All dogs must be leashed and owners must “scoop the poop”
  • Motorized vehicles are only permitted in designated areas
  • Approved scheduled events (sporting activities, group functions etc.) take precedence over all other nonscheduled activities
  • Playground equipment is inspected on a regular basis. If you have any concerns or see any damage please call 705-687-3412 or email

 Rules for Playgrounds

Playground Open Guidelines for COVID-19

  • No bike helmets, clothing with drawstrings or ropes
  • No skateboards
  • No high heels
  • No food, glass or gum
  • Have Fun!

Children must be supervised at all  times. Play spaces are not maintained in the winter.

Park Listings

 Bass Lake Park, 1015 Loft Lane
  • picnic tables
  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, municipal washrooms traditionally opened at Bass Lake are closed for the season.
  • public washrooms - not available
  • beach – unsupervised
  • map
 Church Street Parkette/380 Moody Dr
  • picnic table
  • bench
  • boat launch
  • map
 Franklin Park, 1615 Kilworthy Rd
  • picnic tables
  • benches
  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, municipal washrooms traditionally opened at Franklin Park  are closed for the season.
  • public washrooms - not available
  • beach – unsupervised
  • boat launch
  • public docking
  • map
 Gull Lake Rotary Park, 405 Brock St

This is one of our larger parks with more than one parking area.

 Guidelines for playgrounds

  • beach
  • swimming lessons
  • life guards (posted hours)
  • washrooms
  • picnic tables
  • large picnic shelter (8 tables)
  • benches
  • playground
  • snack bar
  • baseball diamonds
  • tennis courts
  • public docking
  • parking lots with accessible parking spaces
  • public drinking tap
  • Frisbee golf
  • volleyball court
  • map 
  • Festivals and Events 
 Kinsmen Park, 1300 Muskoka Rd South
  • picnic tables
  • small picnic shelters (1 table each)
  • benches
  • bike stand
  • Centennial water fountain
  • playground
  • Guidelines for playgrounds
  • map
 Lookout Park, 500 George St
  • picnic tables
  • benches
  • book exchange library
  • playground
  • Guidelines for playgrounds
  • lookout view, overlooking the Wharf on Lake Muskoka
  • trails
  • map
 Lorne Street Beach, 615 Lorne St
  • beach – unsupervised
  • picnic table
  • benches
  • trails
  • map
 Muskoka Bay Park, 700 Muskoka Road 169
  • picnic tables
  • medium picnic shelter (2 tables)
  • benches
  • playground
  • Guidelines for playgrounds
  • public washrooms
  • beach – unsupervised
  • baseball diamond
  • tennis court
  • map
 Muskoka Beach Park, 1141 Muskoka Beach Rd - Closed for 2021 Season 

Closed for the season for the 2021 Capital Park Improvement Project 

 Staff Sergeant Larry Bigley K9 Park (Dog Park), 780 John St South

 Wood sign Welcome to Staff Sergeant Larry Bigley K-9 Park

  • unleashed dog area, fenced
  • picnic tables
  • covered benches
  • map 

Note: All users of the Off-leash Area are subject to the Dog Owners Liability Act and dogs must have current dog tags and vaccinations.

 Ungerman Gateway Park, 9 Gateway Dr
  • small picnic shelter (1 table)
  • trails
  • lookout views over the Wharf and Lake Muskoka
  • map 
 Youth Skate Park, 275 Winewood Avenue East or 101 Centennial Dr

 Skate Park cement structure

  • 6,600 square feet
  • concrete park designed for skateboards, scooters, BMX bikes, inline skates
  • ledges, rails, and banks for all skill levels
  • picnic tables
  • washrooms and a snack bar available at the nearby Centennial Centre
  • map

Hours of Operation

 Open seasonally from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • The Park is open from 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
  • Skateboards, BMX's and mountain bikes are allowed.
  • BMX's must have pegs completely covered.
  • Smoking, eating and drinking are not permitted on the skateboard park. Glass containers and gum is prohibited.
  • CSA approved helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards are mandatory for any user under the age of 18.
  • No items such as benches, garbage cans or tables may be used as ramps or jumps.
  • Spectators must watch from outside of the skate park.
  • This park is a drug and alcohol free zone.
  • Motorized vehicles are permitted only in the designated south lots.
  • Use the park at your own risk.
  • Do not use this park if hazardous, wet or icy conditions exist.
  • Absolutely NO graffiti on park.
  • Amplified music or sound requires approval and/or a permit. Contact 705-687-6774.

If you have an emergency, always call 9-1-1. The emergency contact address for this park is 101 Centennial Dr. Gravenhurst, ON

 Muskoka Wharf, Muskoka Road 169
  • Guidelines for playgrounds
  • Soccer field
  • basketball court
  • ball/ice hockey rink
  • splashpad
  • picnic tables
  • gazebo
  • map

Festivals and Events


Trees in the summer

The Town of Gravenhurst maintains nine different and unique recreational trails for a total of 35 km of walking and hiking trails.  Our trails range from easy to challenging and offer a free, fun and healthy way for residents and visitors alike to get out and get active all year round. 

Whether you feel like a relaxed walk along Lake Muskoka, a peaceful stroll through old dirt roads and forests or a more challenging day hike through rugged terrain, there is a trail for you.

 Brydon's Bay Trail (Novice) 2.3 km loop, 1060 Old Portage Road

Family-friendly trail wanders through majestic red and white pine.

Close enough to Lake Muskoka to hear the gulls, but secluded enough to observe the many woodland creatures.


  • Turn left off Muskoka Road N, onto Brydon's Bay Rd. Travel 2 km and turn left onto Old Portage Rd.
  • The trailhead and parking area is located near the end of Old Portage Rd (right-hand side)


Google Map Link

 Chamberlain Trail (Novice) 3.3 km loop, 1319 Brydon's Bay Rd

This trail travels through hardwood forest, open meadow and beautiful neighbourhoods

  • north end of the trail between Muskoka Road North and Brydon's Bay Rd has been rerouted due to the construction of new water and sewer mains.
  • hikers area advised to follow signage to connect to Brydon's Bay Rd until the trail is rerouted.


  • Trailhead 1 located at the junction of Muskoka Road North and Chamberlain Rd, approximately 1.7km north of the Gravenhurst Post Office at the Town Centre.
  • Trailhead 2) located on Blanchard St across from Lisa Lane


 Devils Gap Trail (Intermediate) 6.6 km

Local folklore has it that a farmer who was traveling the old colonization road with a wagon & a team of oxen became stuck. After many attempts to free the wagon the farmer gave up and went for help. When he returned, the wagon & oxen had disappeared without a trace. The gap in the rock has since been known as the Devil's Gap. Great photo opportunities include: beaver dams, expanses of Canadian Shield, vast marshland and open meadows.


  • Trailhead is found 6.8 km west of Gravenhurst on Highway 169
  • Turn left onto Snider's Bay Rd., travel 1.3 km to Muriel Cres
  • The trailhead is located on the right


 Hahne Farm Trail (Novice) 2.5 km
The trail features a stunning granite ridge view that overlooks an environmentally significant wetland and also a mix of hard and softwood forest.


  • Trailheads are located on Bethune Drive, Woodman's Chart, Pinedale Rd and at the base of the water tower behind the Town Office, just off Pineridge Gate.
  • Parking available at Kinsmen Park as well as at the water tower


 Kahshe Barrens Trail (Intermediate) 2 to 44 km(Two Loops)

Kahshe Barrens Trail is one of the most naturally preserved and rugged trails in Gravenhurst and consists of two loops – Casey & Kadz.

Both loops offer views of majestic oaks and evergreens.

  • Kadz loop is hilly and provides a fantastic view of the beaver pond at Lookout Ridge.
  • Casey loop is similar in terrain but features a picturesque stream.


The trailhead is located at the Muskoka Tourism Travel Information Centre on Highway 11 North, in the Severn Bridge area of Gravenhurst


 Leo Heritage Trail (Novice) 1.2 km

This trail provides an alternate route between the downtown area and Muskoka Wharf.

  • trail follows the former rail line through forested areas on flat terrain.
  • At Muskoka Wharf, this trail connects to other trails running between the baseball diamond, splash pad area and the playing fields.


Located along the former rail line, this trail runs from the end of John Street South to James Street West at Muskoka Wharf.

Map Parking at the Staff Sergeant Larry Bigley K-9 Park, you pass the trail head on the way to the parking area.

 Old Stone Trail (Intermediate) 6 km

This historical route was once an alternate route between Bala & Gravenhurst.

Imagine the wagon traffic of bygone times while strolling among the pine and spruce that grow along one of Muskoka's original roads. Paths of stone mark the trail & huge boulders mark time past.


  • Highway 169 from Gravenhurst to North Muldrew Lake Rd.
  • Follow North Muldrew Lake Rd 5.6 km to Pine Tree Lane.
  • Stay left on North Muldrew Lake Rd and follow a gravel road 0.9 km to the trailhead on the right.


 Peninsula Trail (Novice Loop) 2 km

Relax and take a walk along this charming mulch-based pathway, which extends along the peninsula.

Feel and see the breathtaking views of Lake Muskoka and the Muskoka Wharf.

You will find gazebos, benches and picnic tables along the pathway for you to take a break and enjoy the scenery. 

Take part in great photo opportunities as the trail travels high above along the exposed granite ridge, winds down through forested areas and then continues along the shoreline.

You will also find on the peninsula the Children's Memorial Gazebo a special spot on the water's edge just off the main trail.

The gazebo is located in a secluded area, it is a peaceful place to reflect and pay tribute to lost loved ones while the waves lap against the rocky shoreline.


    • Peninsula Trail is located on the north-west corner of the Muskoka Wharf property.
    • Trailheads are located off the boardwalk that runs between the shoreline and front of the Muskoka Wharf Marina, as well as between the Marriott Hotel and Muskoka Boat & Heritage Centre.


 Trans Canada Trail Cooper's Falls Section (Challenging) 8 km

This challenging 8 km hike was designed with nature lovers in mind. It winds its way past beaver ponds, deer habitat and bird nesting areas.

The Cooper's Falls section is the first instalment of Gravenhurst's contribution to the Trans-Canada Trail system.

Town staff and volunteers perform work on the trail to improve and repair different sections of boardwalk.


  • southern entrance is located on Cooper's Falls Road along the Black River.
  • northern entrance is located off of Housey's Rapids Road across from Fire Route # 4.
  • parking is available in a lot located just north of the trailhead



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