Recreation Activities

 The Town of Gravenhurst offers a wide range of recreational, arts and cultural programs for youth, adults and seniors. From volleyball to ball hockey, pickle ball & ballroom dancing to fitness classes & meditation and more, there are plenty of activities to choose from that will keep your heart pumping and introduce you to a new activity and/or new people.

Programs and activities are designed for people of all ages and take place throughout many of Gravenhurst's facilities and organizations including:

Athletic Associations
Gravenhurst is home to many sports, recreation and athletic associations. For more information, please contact them directly!
  • Bala Youth Boxing Club - 705-762-5387
  • Be A Pro Goalie School - 519-208-2226
  • Boating Safety Information Line - 1-800-267-6687
  • Bowling-Muskoka Riverside Inn - 705-645-8775
  • Buckwallow Cycling Centre - 705-687-8858
  • Gravenhurst Curling Club (leave message) - 705-687-5531
  • Gravenhurst YMCA - 705-687-9899
  • Iron Lodge Fitness - 705-687-8002
  • Ladies Softball - 705-646-1906
  • Limberettes Gymnastics Club - 705-645-1910
  • Men's Master Volleyball - 705-645-9400
  • Men's Slow Pitch - 705-687-6704
  • South Muskoka Minor Hockey - 705-645-3372
  • Muskoka Thunder Motorcycle Riders - 705-687-8829
  • Minor Soccer - 705-684-9215
  • Minor Recreational Softball - 705-687-6774
  • Muskoka Adult Recreational Hockey League - 705-394-8449
  • Muskoka Rowing Club - 705-645-4205
  • Muskoka Summer Hockey School - 705-687-1688
  • North Shore Riding Centre - 705-687-0646
  • Powerstride Hockey Techniques - 519-686-0893
  • Severn River Rowing Club - 705-394-5667
  • Scuba Shack - 705-687-5879
  • Snowcrest Riders Snowmobile Club 705-687-7921
  • Stephanie Boyd Female Hockey School 705-689-8150
  • Taboo Resort 705-687-2233
  • Temple Knights Tai Chi 705-767-1177
  • Tennis Info 705-684-8698
  • Young Guns Hockey School 705-687-3354
Community Engagement Challenge Winners!

Thank you to everyone who sent in submissions during our 15 weeks of engagement challenges. It is so great to see everyone enjoying Gravenhurst and what it has to offer.  

Week 15 - Favourite Thing About Gravenhurst

girl playing in sandboy playing in sandfamily picking blueberries 





We love living in Gravenhurst because there are so many awesome beaches within biking and walking distance. Genesis and Greyson enjoy showing their new brother Charlie the little libraries at each beach. We make sure to pack treats from the Farmer’s Market and the local berries we picked at Barkway Farms. 

Week 14 - Backyard Scavenger Hunt

boy holding scavenger huntCongratulations to Patrick, our week 14 challenge winner of the Backyard Scavenger Hunt! 

"Hi, my name is Patrick and I am 5 years old. I love going on discovery missions. While I was completing my scavenger hunt I saw a beautiful butterfly that my mommy took picture of, we found a tiny frog and I found a new home for my new friend Grassi the grasshopper who was trapped in our gazebo. Nature is so much fun."


 Week 13 - Shopping

girl holding toysCongratulations to Lila, our week 13 challenge winner of Shopping! 

"Lila bought an LOL Surpise Doll and Gilda the Pink Flamingo Beanie Boo at Mind's Alive. She also bought a mood ring for her brother Henry. She loves visiting Tea Beards, eating at Relish, getting donuts at The Bakery, but of course, Minds Alive is her favourite! Lila loves shopping and talking to new people!"

Week 12 - Celebrating Canada 

family celebrating canada dayCongratulations to Rosealie, our week 12 challenge winner of Celebrating Canada! 

"I celebrated with a BBQ with my Mom, sister, niece and nephews. They haven't had a visit since before Covid-19 so it was nice to celebrate with them. They had grown so much since seeing them last. Here is a pic with some Birthday cake and cupcakes I made."

Rosealie has requested that the credit she won goes to someone local who is in need of assistance so we will be making sure that happens. 

Week 11 - Puddle Jumping

diving off boatCongratulations to Rebecca, our week 11 challenge winner of Puddle Jumping!

“Emma, Nolan and their dad, Dave love going for boat rides on our lake!  They love diving off the boat into the cool water of Muldrew Lake!”

Rebbeca has requested that the credit she won goes to someone local who is in need of assistance so we will be making sure that happens.

 Week 10 - Muskoka Wildlife
 mooseCongratulations to Dorit, our week 10 challenge winner of Muskoka Wildlife!

"We live in Housey's Rapids. We are mostly spotting black bears in our are/ property a few times a year. It was a special occasion for the moose since we only see them every other year and it was a first that 2 of them came to visit that morning."
 Week 9 -  Enjoying the Water
kayakingCongratulations to Kristen and Maple, our week 9 challenge winners of Enjoying the Water!

"Maple loves the water!! When the weather started getting warm enough to go into the lake she saw a friend of hers with a kayak and wanted one as well so they could go kayaking together. We drove almost 2 hours to find her this one, and she loves it. Now, not only can her and her friends play and have fun together, but they can keep a good distance while doing it. It’s the perfect solution to keeping cool and making memories."
Week 8 - Gardening
 Winner to be announced
Week 7 - Spring Cleaning

Spring CleaningCongratulations to Robert and Jean - they are the Spring Cleanup winners! Robert and Jean have requested that the credit they won goes to someone who is in need of assistance so we will be making sure that happens.

“Besides trimming dead branches from the trees, Robert cleared the yard and garden of Winter’s trash to get it ready for flowers. We also have replaced the rail on our back deck.”

Be sure to check out this week's Community Engagement Challenge and send your entries in!

Week 6 - Favourite Outdoor Activity

Winners of Week 6Winners of Week 6Congratulations to Tricia, Sadie and Max - they are the Outdoor Activity winners!


"Sadie and Max have been surprising family members that have birthdays in May with a social distancing birthday song and homemade birthday poster. So far they have surprised their great Aunt Margie, their Papa and their Aunt Cherie. They also love to climb the tree in their grandma Dianne’s front yard! A few other things they have been busy doing outside are tea parties, picnics, bike rides and planting a veggie/fruit garden."


Week 5 - Family Game Night

Family Board Game NightThank you to everyone who participate in our recent Community Engagement Challenge - we saw some very fun and interesting games! 

Congratulations to Katrina and her daughter Mya - they are the Family Game Night winners!

"Once a week we play our go to sequence game (we got it from applause after all this happened) it’s such an awesome game of strategy and it gives us that time just me and her after her little sister is in bed. We stay up past her normal bedtime play and catch up. We are a huge board game family and some of our other favourite games are crockinole (I think that’s how it’s spelled), candy land, kids charades and her little sister loves her paw patrol board game."


Week 4 - Outdoor Nature Art
No entries
 Week 3 - Family Movie Night 

Family Movie Night WinnersThank you to everyone who participated in the most recent Community Engagement Challenge - we saw some great movie choices and comfy set ups! Congratulations to Erica and her sons Thomas and Quentin - they are the Family Movie Night Challenge winners!

"We love the community engagement activities! May 4th is International Star Wars day. We are enormous Star wars fans in our home and for the May the 4th we always attempt to watch as many as possible. Every year the list grows larger and we are currently attempting to watch all 12 of the major theatrical releases from the franchise. We snack all day long on food based on characters in the series. Drinks we enjoyed: Cuke Skywater (cucumber infused water, adult pro tip mix with gin and you have a Jyn Erso cocktail), Yoda Soda floats (home made green ice cream floats in Ginger ale). Snacks included fruit light sabers (fruit kabobs), Wookie cookies (hay stacks), Jabba the hummus (hummus) and the main entree was the Sarlacc Pit Pie (pot pie with a puff party design). We love the movies and so enjoy having fun family parties."

 Week 2 - Backyard Picnic Challenge 

Winner Week 2Thank you to everyone who participated in the most recent Community Engagement Challenge - we saw some delicious snacks and lots of smiling faces! Congratulations to Mandi, her children; Malaki, Kaydance, Raquelle, Adelaide and Lochlan and the family dog, Chloe - they are the Backyard Picnic Challenge winners!

"We live on Muskoka Beach Rd by Beechgrove Public School, we were back in the forest not far from the cemetery on the outskirts there. We packed goldfish crackers, carrots, raisins, cheese, rice crackers, granola bars, grapes, strawberries and water, and enjoyed our hike and a game of camoflouge Countdown before returning home! Was a beauty day!!

 Week 1 - Sofa Fort Challenge 

Winner Week1Thank you to everyone who participated in our first Community Engagement Challenge - we saw some very fun and creative forts! Congratulations to Jenni and her daughters, Grace and Rayah - they are the Sofa Fort Challenge winners!

"My daughter Grace built the fort and used almost all of the blankets in the house and also incorporated the curtains! She used the dining room chairs and stools from the island, it got bigger and bigger each day until it almost reached into my kitchen! There were 5 different sections (rooms) inside the fort, including a lobby, a room for the cat and dog, and a room for her sister. They had many sleepovers in it and ate most of their meals in it too. Grace had her sister pay her in monopoly money in order to rent the space. I had to crawl through the fort every morning in order to get to my seeds to water them."

Community Gardens

The Gravenhurst Community Garden was created in the spring of 2013 in partnership with Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit, YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka, Chartwell Gravenhurst Retirement Residence, Gravenhurst Communities in Bloom Committee and YWCA Muskoka. The Community Garden is a public place to grow your own vegetables if you do not have enough space at home, or as a place to start small and learn about gardening, while meeting other gardeners in your community.

Located on the east side of the Gravenhurst Centennial Centre, the community garden consists of 30 raised box plots, available at three height levels. A volunteer Gardener Liaison is available to gardeners to provide guidance and advice on how to help their gardens flourish. Information, pictures, garden news, tips and advice is shared on a Facebook page and through email.

Please review our Garden Responsibilities Guide. 

Registration for the upcoming growing season is available at the Centennial Centre between March 1- May 1, annually. There is a registration fee of $25 per plot ($10 refundable deposit should the plot be cleaned out at the end of the season) for the gardening season, with an initial limit of two plots per family.
To register, complete the Registration Form and return with payment. To select specific plot(s), refer to the Plot Layout Map.

Volunteer / Sponsor / Donate
If you would like to help with the garden, other ways to get involved include sponsorship, donation and volunteering. Review our Sponsorship Package for more information.

For more information, please email us at

Family Day 

 Stay tuned for a list of events closer to December!

Gravenhurst Children's Festival

The scheduled 2020 Children's Festival has been cancelled.  We apologize for any inconvenience, but given the climate around COVID-19 we are committed to public safety.

If you are interested in becoming a partner or volunteer for our 2021 event, please contact Nicole Crown, Community Recreation Coordinator, at or 705-687-6774 ext 22.


March Break Programming

At this time all March Break Programming has been cancelled.  We apologize for any inconvenience, but given the climate around COVID-19 we are committed to public safety.

Town Facilities will remain open at this time and will be re-evaluated early next week.  Stay up to date by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or at

Program Cancellation

Program Changes and Cancellations

Our priorities are safety and communication. Sometimes unexpected events necessitate that a program or service must be moved, postponed or cancelled outright. In those circumstances we will post the relevant information as soon as it is available. Every effort will be made to make up the affected missed classes if possible.

During bad weather days, decisions whether programs will be running or not will be made by 3:00 p.m. and the information posted. The Town will make every attempt to list all current emergency or unexpected cancellations or closures for Town of Gravenhurst programs and events. However, we cannot guarantee that a cancelled program will be listed here. All Town of Gravenhurst programming may be subject to change. Please use your own best judgment to assess local road conditions before venturing out.

Public Skating

Winter Activities Page

Rec Guide

Please note: every effort is made to ensure that the information in the Guide is complete and accurate, however, some times information changes after publication.  Please contact the Recreation Admin Office at 705-687-6774 for updates. 


If you have not received the latest Rec Guide through your mail, be sure to pick up a hard copy at the following locations or View Online 

Our Rec Guide has a wealth of information about Town programs, services and municipal information - get yours today!


 How to Register

Registration for a recreation program at the Town of Gravenhurst is easy! Please register with one of the following methods:

Online registration is convenient and user friendly. Once your account is created, you will be able to register for programs and view receipts from previous programs.  
Create your account
Log on to your account

Drop off completed registration form (PDF) at the Centennial Centre – Recreation Department Office. In person registrations are available during office hours. 

Fax your registration form (PDF) with credit card payment to 705-687-8857. Please call the Centennial Centre to confirm it has been received. 

The total fee is due at the time of registration. Payments may be made by cash, debit, Visa, MasterCard or cheque (payable to the Town of Gravenhurst). 

Tennis and Baseball

Gravenhurst has two tennis courts for you to choose from.

Gravenhurst has some of the finest baseball diamonds in Muskoka.

 Youth Skate Park

The Gravenhurst Skate Park is 6,600 square feet of ledges, rails, and banks for all skill levels of skateboarding, in-line skating and
BMX riding. Washrooms and a snack bar are available near the Skate Park at the Gravenhurst Centennial Centre.

Hours of Operation
Open seasonally from 7 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Gravenhurst Skate Park
101 Centennial Drive
Gravenhurst, ON


  • Skateboards, BMX's and mountain bikes are allowed.
  • BMX's must have pegs completely covered.
  • Smoking, eating and drinking are not permitted on the skateboard park. Glass containers and gum is prohibited.
  • CSA approved helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards are mandatory for any user under the age of 18.
  • No items such as benches, garbage cans or tables may be used as ramps or jumps.
  • Spectators must watch from outside of the skate park.
  • This park is a drug and alcohol free zone.
  • Motorized vehicles are permitted only in the designated south lots.
  • Use the park at your own risk.
  • Do not use this park if hazardous, wet or icy conditions exist.
  • Absolutely NO graffiti on park.
  • Amplified music or sound requires approval and/or a permit. Contact 705-687-6774.

If you have an emergency, always call 9-1-1. The emergency contact address for this park is 101 Centennial Dr., Gravenhurst, ON

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