You never know where your Gravenhurst adventure will take you - sometimes that might be a day trip, but more often than not, you won't ever want to leave the 'Gateway to Muskoka' (there's just so much to explore)! So when that time comes and you want to spend some extra time in the beautiful Gravenhurst, you'll definitely need somewhere to stay.

Where you rest your head is an important part of any trip and we here in Gravenhurst want to make sure you select the right accommodation for you! So it’s a good thing that Gravenhurst has a range of great options for you to choose from to find the perfect accommodation for you, your group or families’ needs.

From spending a night in one of Gravenhurst's unforgettable B&B's, campgrounds, inns, motels, hotels, resorts or private rentals, there is something for everyone! There is no doubt in our minds that with all of these choices, that you will have no problem finding something that is just right for you, that will add just that much more to your amazing Gravenhurst experience! 

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 We always encourage you to book directly with the place you are staying, however many of our locations are available for booking through online apps.


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