3 Trails that aren't Hardy Lake!

Kahshe Barrens Trail

Don't get the Covid blues!

Well, we know this year and last have been a challenge... in and out of lock downs has taken a toll on all of us, and we need to continue to stay healthy.. so why not hit the trails.. you can stay 6 feet apart and still have fun, be fit and keep moving!

We have certainly seen the Covid trends - sour dough bread, buying boats, atv's and kayaks, home renovations, adopting pets and countless zoom sessions, so skip the most talked about trails (Hardy Lake) and check out 3 trails that will satisfy your body and stimulate the mind right here in Gravenhurst.

Click the titles to find out more about each trail, including maps, accessibility information and trail head locations. Visit www.Gravenhurst.ca/Trails to find out about all the trails we have available to explore.


This trail is conveniently located at the Muskoka Tourism Visitor Centre at 1342 Highway 11 North.
While, this trail is rated moderate, it is a figure 8 trail offering the option of exploring 1 or both of the loops.
Be sure to bring your camera for stunning shots of the stream and lookout. Also, depending on the season,bring along your snowshoes or your bug jacket... either way, it is worth it and you won't find line ups and crowded parking lots
This trail combines beautiful scenery, interesting folklore and a moderate work out! This original colonization road takes you through picturesque expanses of Canadian Shield and meadows and straight through the "Devil's Gap" - a opening between 2 glacial boulders.
Parking is limited, but worth the adventure.
This trail offers an easy trip around the peninsula that overlooks Lake Muskoka.  With several access points on this trail, you can find easy parking access and explore different areas of the trails.  Bring your camera to capture spectacular lake views among the old growth red and white pines.
Located withing minutes of town, but quiet enough to interact with various birds and wildlife.
devilsBrydon's Lookout (2)