Gravenhurst Approves Annual Community Improvement Grants

May 15, 2019
Gravenhurst Approves Annual Community Improvement Grants
Funding Continues to Assist with Urban Core Revitalization
Gravenhurst, ON - Yesterday, Town Council approved $75,323 in Community Improvement Plan (CIP) grants for downtown properties. This year the CIP Review Committee received 24 applications for projects that were eligible for grants in excess of $156,000. The review committee recommended funding allocations to seventeen (17) property improvement projects that have an estimated value of over $1.5 million. The grants range from $163.00 to $15,000.  (See attached successful applications and funding).
“It’s amazing to see the positive results of the program, not only visually but also in how residents and visitors feel about our downtown core now,” said Mayor Paul Kelly. “This program has been the driving force behind some amazing façade transformations, even this week! In addition, we have seen high levels of assistance provided to our property owners to improve outdated structural elements, efficiency and accessibility.”
The program, in place since 2013, has allowed local property and business owners to apply for financial
assistance to improve the physical appearance and overall vitality of their buildings. While building owners are approved for the grant, they do not receive any funding until the project is completed. Successful applicants are provided two building seasons to have the work completed and inspected by the Town. Research has shown that the aesthetics of the downtown influence shopping habits of prospective customers and visitors.
“We have had a number of new business owners set up shop in Gravenhurst and this year was a good mix
of new and existing business or property owners applying,” explained Jeff Loney, manager of economic
development. “This year will see the largest amount of private investment into the downtown core, with
multiple major renovation projects in the works.”
Now completing its 7th year, the CIP program has been able to facilitate more than $3 million in improvement projects. Eligible projects can include structural improvements, accessibility, energy efficiency, improvements to façade and signage projects aimed at improving the physical beauty of the buildings.
Earlier this year, Council approved amendments to the plan which created improved efficiencies in the process and better reflected key areas and elements of the plan.
Copies of the Community Improvement Plan, the Façade and Streetscape guidelines, a map of the CIP area
and CIP grant applications are available at the Town of Gravenhurst Municipal Office or at  The next intake will start January 2020.

Summary for 2019 Community Improvement Grant Applications - Recommended






Planning andDesign Grant


Planning App &Building Permit




Façade(Rear or Side)





Residential Conversion



Signage Improvement


Development Charges Grant


Total Application


820 Muskoka Rd. S.













240 Muskoka Rd. N.













240 Muskoka Rd. S.













397 Muskoka Rd. N.













545 Muskoka Rd. N.













195 Muskoka Rd. N.













265 Muskoka Rd. S.













100 Muskoka Rd. S.












141 Phillip St. E.












114 Muskoka Rd. S.












125 Muskoka Rd. S.












135 Muskoka Rd. N.












685 Muskoka Rd. N.












144 Muskoka Rd. S.












295 Muskoka Rd. N.












275 Muskoka Rd. N.












310 Muskoka Rd. S.






















For further information, please contact:
Nicole Hilton, Economic Development Coordinator
705-687-3412 Ext. 2265