Half-load restrictions will come into effect March 13

Gravenhurst, ON – Each year, the Town places half-load or reduced/seasonal load restrictions on municipal roadways to protect its infrastructure. This year, the restrictions will take effect on March 13.

The temporary restrictions on heavy weight vehicles (vehicles exceeding 5 tonnes per axle) help avoid damage to municipal roads during the spring season. In early spring, as frost comes out of the ground and moisture comes out of the roadbed, roads become softer and weaker making them susceptible to permanent damage caused by vehicles with heavy loads. The seasonal load restriction protects the road and road base from damage caused by heavy vehicles and is ultimately intended to increase the lifecycle of municipal roadways.

Half-load restrictions are generally from March to May annually. Exact dates are set each year, dependent on road conditions and temperatures. The date in which the 2023 half-load restrictions will be lifted will be advertised once determined.

For more information on Town’s seasonal load restriction program, including roads exempt from these restrictions and suggested alternate routes, please visit www.gravenhurst.ca.

For information on District of Muskoka half-load restrictions, please visit www.districtofmuskoka.ca.

For further information, please contact:

Caroline Kirkpatrick

Manager of Operations


(705) 687-6321