New Must Do: Go Parasailing in Beautiful Gravenhurst

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a … parasail over Lake Muskoka!

No, it’s not a rumour, it’s a fact – Ski-Mazing Watersports and Parasailing has recently opened up in Gravenhurst at the Muskoka Wharf and is offering parasailing and fly boarding sessions to all on Lake Muskoka. 

Now when you are down enjoying a meal at one of the restaurants, going for a walk or attending one of the events down at the Muskoka Wharf, you’ll be able to look over and see people parasailing (who are getting the best view of all)!

So, maybe you’ve never heard of parasailing, or you just don’t know much about it? Do not worry – here’s all you need to know about Ski-Mazing Watersports and Parasailing:

1.  You will be flying sky-high over Lake Muskoka

People come from all over to take in the beauty of all the lakes, trees, rocks and beautiful views that Muskoka has to offer its residents and visitors. Look no further than Ski-Mazing Watersports and Parasailing to receive the best view Muskoka has to offer. When you’re up, sitting in the parasail, you will have a completely uninterrupted view of the beauty of Muskoka, it’s a sight you’ve got to see!

2.  You can stay completely dry ….

If you’re worried about getting soaked when you go parasailing – don’t. There’s no need to get wet when Ski-Mazing Watersports and Parasailing uses a state-of-the-art parasail Winch boat that lets you take off and then land right on the boat’s deck! You start your parasail off on the boat’s back deck, and get lifted up, and then at the end of your experience you are reeled back down to the boat’s deck by the crew.

Fun Fact: You stay so dry that a couple on their wedding day in their tux and wedding dress has gone up in the parasail!

 … Or you can ask for “the dip”!

So you can definitely stay completely dry during your parasailing adventures, OR you can ask for “the dip” and get a refreshing light splash as your legs get dipped in Lake Muskoka before you get back to being vertical!

Ski-Mazing Watersports and Parasailing Captain Craig has flown thousands of parasailers over lakes and inland waterways in Ontario, British Columbia and Florida so you’re in good hands.

Check out these videos to see if “the dip” is for you: (video from their website)

3.  It is an inclusive experience

 No previous experience or talent is necessary to go on this parasailing experience! This parasailing experience accommodates many abilities – if you can sit on the floor of your living room, you can sit on the deck of the boat, which means you’ll be able to go parasailing!

And don’t worry about your swimming ability either, everyone is required to wear a Personal Flotation Device when parasailing.

Fun Fact: Ski-Mazing Watersports and Parasailing has had all ages parasail with them, from a 14-month-old to a 92-year-old!

4.  Try to book in advance

Reservations for parasailing are recommended due to the popularity and limited space available on the boat, but because of the ability to parasail in whatever you’re wearing at the time you decide to go parasailing (because you’re staying dry) you can always call last-minute and see if they are able to accommodate you and your group! Call 705-HLP-UFLY to set up the reservation.

If you want to make a reservation in person, head over to Dock A where there is a tent kiosk set up beside the Muskoka Steamships. If the tent isn’t there, you can head over to the Muskoka Shipyards Marketplace (located at the Muskoka Wharf) to make a reservation.

5.  Covid-19 Friendly

Ski-Mazing Watersports and Parasailing has made changes to accommodate Covid-19 safety regulations. A group of 8 can be accommodated on the boat so that the group is under 10 people.

6.  Get it all on video!

You don’t ever want to forget your parasailing experience, so make sure you film it! If you don’t have your own camera or maybe you don’t want to use it, the boat has a GoPro that you can use to film yourselves or the view while up in the parasail!

There’s no need to fly to the sunny south to try parasailing, it’s right here in your backyard, good ol’ Gravenhurst! This is one experience you definitely don’t want to miss out on when visiting Gravenhurst, Muskoka.

Make sure to check out their website for some more pictures, videos and information on parasailing! Ski-Mazing Watersports and Parasailing will be available Wednesday through Sunday, so make sure to check it out at the Muskoka Wharf during your visit.

See you in the sky!


Info & RESERVATIONS at  Site Office: 705-455-SMWS (7697)
Parasail & Hydroflight Line: 705-HLP-UFLY (457-8359)


Alternate: 705-HLP-USKI (457-8754)


“Dockie Dee” (floating mercantile) 705-935-1111



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