Notice of Study Completion - North Morrison Lake Road Parking Lot Expansion

Town of Gravenhurst
North Morrison Lake Road Parking Lot Expansion
Schedule B, Class Environmental Assessment

The Town of Gravenhurst has completed a Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) study for the proposed expansion of the existing North Morrison Lake Road Parking Lot. The preferred key design improvements include:

  • Expanding the existing parking lot in the northwest corner to accommodate 25 vehicle spaces plus an additional 5 trailer parking spaces;
  • Signage to delineate 14 existing deeded parking spaces from public parking spaces;
  • Improved signage throughout the parking lot area indicating the restrictions on reserved parking spaces, beach and dock uses;
  • 3 Turtle nesting berms and 3 pond features will be constructed adjacent to the expansion area;
  • Improved ditching on the east side of the parking lot, with features for sediment control before surface drainage discharge to the lake; and
  • Improved lighting within the parking lot.

The Class EA study followed the planning and design process for Schedule B projects as described in the Municipal Class EA document for Municipal Road Projects, published by the Municipal Engineers Association. The findings of the Class EA process have been documented in a Class Environmental Assessment Phase 1 & 2 Report.

The purpose of this notice is to advise the public and stakeholder groups that the completed Phase 1 & 2 Report is available for review and can be accessed through the Town website at

Interested persons may provide written comments to our project team by April 4, 2023. All comments and concerns should be sent directly to the project Consultant. In addition, a request may be made to the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks for an order requiring a higher level of study (i.e. requiring an individual / comprehensive EA approval before being able to proceed), or that conditions be imposed (e.g. require further studies), only on the grounds that the requested order may prevent, mitigate or remedy adverse impacts on constitutionally protected Aboriginal and treaty rights. Requests on other grounds will not be considered.

Requests should include the requester’s contact information and full name. Requests should specify what kind of order is being requested (request for conditions or a request for an individual / comprehensive environmental assessment), how an order may prevent, mitigate or remedy potential adverse impacts on Aboriginal and treaty rights, and any information in support of the statements in the request. This will ensure that the Ministry is able to efficiently begin reviewing the request.

The request should be sent in writing or by email to:

Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks
777 Bay Street, 5th Floor
Toronto ON M7A 2J3



Director, Environmental Assessment Branch
Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks
135 St. Clair Ave. W, 1st Floor
Toronto ON, M4V 1P5

Requests should also be copied to the Town by mail or by e-mail. Please visit the Ministry’s website for more information on requests for orders under Section 16 of the Environmental Assessment Act at:

Town of Gravenhurst
3-5 Pineridge Gate
Gravenhurst, ON P1P1Z3


Tatham Engineering Limited
8 Barron Drive
Bracebridge, ON P1L 0A1

Andrew Stacey, CET
Director of Infrastructure Services
705-687-3412 ext 256

Phil Watts, P.Eng.
Project Engineer
705-645-7756 ext 2063

Information will be collected in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. With the exception of personal information, all comments will be become part of the public record.

This Notice issued March 6, 2023.