Town of Gravenhurst Official Plan Review - Online Survey

The Official Plan Review Advisory Committee has been all hands on deck preparing the update for the Town of Gravenhurst's Official Plan update. A new online survey has been created that allows those interested in forming the next step of the process to have their say.  The survey can be found at  Your input is incredibly valuable to this process and to informing the end product.  Further, any assistance you can provide in spreading the word about this survey would be greatly appreciated.  

Beyond the online survey and previous community workshops, we wanted to provide a brief update on what’s happening with the Official Plan Review:

  •  The Official Plan Review Advisory Committee has met and reviewed the Discussion Papers, which can be found at (one of those papers is forthcoming shortly);
  • The online survey is intended to be live for approximately 1-month;
  • The conclusion of the online survey will lead in nicely to an open house/workshop in mid-late April. The purpose of this session would be to seek input and refine policy options moving forward. A more formal and precise notice will follow shortly.

We would like to remind you, that the online survey is a great way to provide individual or group feedback, but it’s certainly not the only way. Planning staff is more than happy to speak/meet with individuals or groups along the way as well.

Further Questions can be directed to:

Scott Lucas

Director of Development Services

(705) 687-3412 Ext. 274