Veridian Education Fund Presentation

Council was pleased on Tuesday, January 19th to present financial contributions to four schools within Gravenhurst, Ontario to support youth. The funds are supported by the Veridian Education Fund.

In 2006, Gravenhurst Hydro was sold to Veridian. Through this purchase, an agreement was made that $5000 would be donated a year for 5 years to the municipality to further distribute for education and youth.

Funds in the past have been distributed to the schools for various unique needs including supplies, materials and youth programs.

During Council, the Town finalized the distribution of this fund and presented Muskoka Beechgrove Public SchoolK.P. Manson Public SchoolGravenhurst Public School and Gravenhurst High School each with a cheque for $1,335.00 to be used towards school programs, supplies and extracurricular needs.

Thank you to Veridian for your commitment to supporting our community!

Photo: Mayor Paisley Donaldson, Neil Parliment, Veridian, Paul Golding, Beechgrove Public School, Naomi Shipley, KP Manson Public School, Alison Turnbull, Gravenhurst Highschool, Tanya Fraser, Gravenhurst Public School