Births, Deaths, Marriages

The Legislative Services Department carries out the responsibilities of registering marriages and death documents within our community in accordance with the Vital Statistics Act

The Legislative Services Department also issues marriage licenses and coordinates civil marriage ceremonies.


For information on registration of Birth or how to obtain a Birth Certificate visit Service Ontario.


How to Register a Death

All deaths that occur in Gravenhurst are registered through the Municipality.

For deaths occurring in the Town of Gravenhurst, a funeral director usually prepares the Statement of Death (Form 15) which includes information about the deceased.

The physician or coroner present at the time of death also completes the Medical Certificate of Death (Form 16) containing information on the cause of death.

The funeral director forwards both forms to the Town Division Registrar (Clerk or designate). Once recorded by the Town, forms are sent to the Office of the Registrar General (Thunder Bay, ON) for registration.

Any information regarding deaths must be obtained from the Office of the Registrar General.

How to obtain a Death Certificate

You can get a Death Certificate Applications from Service Ontario, or by downloading the Request for Death Certificate Form from their website.

Contact our Legislative Services Department for more details about the Town's Death Registration process.

You can also get more info by visiting the Office of the Registrar General's Webpage  or calling 1-800-461-2156.

Marriage - Marriage Licence

Book a Marriage Licence Appointment 

Please use the following link to book your Marriage Licence appointment:

Legislative Services Booking Form

Marriage Licence Application & Fee

Marriage Licence Application Form

Cost of Licence: $152.00 (subject to change every January 1)

Prior to getting married in the Province of Ontario, you need to obtain a Marriage Licence. The Licence is valid for up to 90 days (3 months) and for use anywhere in Ontario.

You must be 18 years old to obtain a licence, or have parental/guardian consent.

Licences are issued by appointment only, with limited exceptions. To make an appointment, please use the Legislative Services Booking Form.

For more information on getting married in Ontario, please visit the Ontario Government website.

Identification for Marriage Licence Appointment

Provide 2 pieces of government-issued identification for each person getting married. 1 piece of identification must include your photo.

Examples of government-issued identification:

  • government-issued Birth Certificate, including any change of name certificates
  • valid Passport
  • Record of Immigrant Landing
  • Canadian Citizenship Card
  • valid Driver's Licence
  • valid Ontario Photo Card

Information for Previously Married Individuals 

Information you should know before the Town issues a Marriage Licence is as follows:

Divorce issued in Canada:

An original Certificate of Divorce must be presented with an original signature and seal.

Out of Country Divorce:

Approval is required from the Office of the Registrar General.

For further information please view the Town of Gravenhurst's Foreign Divorce Information Reference

Marriage - Civil Marriage Ceremony

Please use the following link to book your Civil Marriage Ceremony:

Legislative Services Booking Form 
Please note, if you book a Civil Marriage Ceremony with the Town of Gravenhurst, you must also fill out the Civil Marriage Ceremony Booking Agreement. See below for link to the Civil Marriage Ceremony Booking Agreement.

Civil Marriage Ceremonies Fees & Information
  • Civil Marriage Ceremony - $340.00 + HST
  • Additional Pre-Ceremony - $58.00 + HST
(Applicable fees and taxes are subject to change without notice)

Cancellation and Rescheduling 
  • Prior to 14 days - Full Refund
  • More than 7 days & less than 14 days - $31.00
  • Less than 7 days - No Refund 
  • One (1) Witness for Ceremony - $26.00 + HST
You are required to bring two (2) witnesses to be present during the ceremony.

The Town has Wedding Officiants available to perform marriage ceremonies.
  • The Wedding Officiants are appointed by the Town under the Ontario Marriage Act.
  • Ceremonies can take place anywhere in the Town of Gravenhurst. Ceremonies that take place at the Municipal Office are subject to regular office hours only. All Civil Marriage Ceremony Appointment requests are subject to Officiant availability. 
                                           * All fees are subject to change every January 1 *

 Civil Marriage Ceremony Booking Agreement

Please fill out the Civil Marriage Ceremony Booking Agreement here!
Civil Marriage Ceremony Booking Agreement

For a printable version, please see below.
Civil Marriage Ceremony Application and Booking Agreement

After receiving your booking confirmation, please complete the form online or submit a printed copy to or in person at the Municipal Office.

Please note: Applicants are responsible for arranging the required pre-ceremony meeting with their assigned wedding officiant.

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