Licensed by Bereavement Authority of OntarioThe Town operates and maintains 13 cemeteries, many of which have a name that is unique to its location.

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For legislation regarding cemeteries, please review the  Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002 

Cemetery information

Below is a table describing each cemetery, location and details. 

Barkway Cemetery (Ryde Township) 1409 Barkway Road

  • 2 acre parcel of land
  • originally purchased by the Township of Ryde from landowner Albert Post on April 26, 1910
  • Town assumed in 1971, located 1 km south of the Village of Barkway on Barkway Road
  • map

Barkway Pioneer Cemetery (Ryde Township) (Inactive Cemetery)Unit 1, 1451 Barkway Road

  • 1 acre parcel of land originally used as a cemetery for the pioneers of Ryde Township
  • donated on September 13, 1880 by landowner Henry Charles Metz and later sold to the Church (unknown denomination) on October 1, 1908
  • maintained by the Township of Ryde until the Town assumed in 1971
  • located on Barkway Road, one-half km south of Barkway Cemetery

*Note: Lewisham Memorial Cemetery and Barkway Pioneer Cemetery are inactive, care and maintenance only. Upon proper Proof of Burial Rights, the Corporation may give its permission for burial in these cemeteries.

Bethel Cemetery (Morrison Township) 1350 Highway 11 North

  • 24 acres large
  • located on the east side of Hwy 11 beside Muskoka Tourism, 3 km north of Severn Bridge (previously Morrison Township)
  • part of a lot originally sold to Moses Martin by the Crown on July 20, 1864 and then deeded to the trustees of the Methodist Church on July 3, 1865 to be used as a cemetery
  • an original church on this property was believed to have burned in about 1915
  • Town assumed in 1971
  • map

Church of our Lady Cemetery (Southwood) 3411 Southwood Road

  • 3 acre cemetery
  • created in September of 1927 by Fred Chapman, who donated the land to the Dioceses of Algoma (Anglican)
  • log structure, Church Of Our Lady, was built shortly thereafter
  • Town was approached by Archdeacon John Watson and Fred Chapman on June 7, 1979 to look after the cemetery for the Church
  • located on the west side of District Rd 13 in the Hamlet of Southwood, and was completely assumed by the Town in 2001
  • log church is currently maintained by The Friends of Church of Our Lady
  • map 

Lakeview Cemetery (Gravenhurst) 230 Wagner St and St. Paul's Roman Catholic (Gravenhurst) 210 Wagner St

  • Lakeview Cemetery, originally a Protestant cemetery and St. Paul's Roman Catholic Cemetery, were created on part of the original Town Plan of Lot 10 purchased from Donald Fraser and David James Wagner in November of 1879
  • these cemeteries together cover approximately 5 acres
  • situated on Wagner Street between Emma St and John St North
  • Town has maintained Lakeview since its origin, while St. Paul's Cemetery was turned over to the Town in 1971 by the Catholic Church
  • map St. Paul's Roman Catholic Cemetery
  • map Lakeview Cemetery

Lewisham Memorial Cemetery (Ryde Township) (Inactive Cemetery) 1707 Lewisham Road

  • created on October 9, 1885 as a 1- acre grant to The Bishop of Algoma (Anglican Church) by landowners Anthony and Eliza Annis
  • located near the end of Lewisham Road, summer maintained only, approximately 10 km. east of the Village of Barkway
  • Town assumed in 1971

*Lewisham Memorial Cemetery and Barkway Pioneer Cemetery are inactive, care and maintenance only. Upon proper Proof of Burial Rights, the Corporation may give its permission for burial in these cemeteries.

Mickle Memorial (Gravenhurst) 124 Lofty Pines Drive

  • 25 acre property purchased by the Town of Gravenhurst in July of 1929 from James Brydon
  • named in honour of Charles Mickle Sr., a local lumber king and co-founder of the Mickle-Dyment and Son Company
  • Mr. Mickle and his family are interred in a special family plot in the northwest corner of the property
  • located on the north side of Lofty Pines Dr between Muskoka Beach Rd (District Rd 17) and Muskoka Road N. (District Rd 18)
  • map

Morrison United Cemetery (Wood Township) 2985 Southwood Road, Unit 1

  • 1 acre cemetery located on District Rd 13, 1 km west of Morrison Lake
  • property was sold by William A. Smith to the trustees of The Southwood and Morrison Lake Congregation of the United Church of Canada on November 20, 1928
  • an abandoned church building was located on site
  • assumed by the Town in 1971
  • map

Muskoka North Cemetery (Muskoka Township) 1025 Heywood Lane

  • 5 acre lot sold by the Crown to the Township of Muskoka for use as a cemetery on May 13, 1878
  • continued as a Township cemetery until 1971 when it was assumed by the Town
  • located on the southeast corner of Highway 11 and Heywood Lane
  • accessible from Highway 118 east and the Gravenhurst Parkway District Rd 1
  • map

Kilworthy Lutheran Cemetery 2080 Southwood Road, Kilworthy, ON P0E 1G0

  • This is an active cemetery
  • assumed by the Town of Gravenhurst in 2013
  • For further information, please contact our cemetery department  or email: cemeteries@gravenhurst.ca

St. James Anglican Church Cemetery (Gravenhurst) 215 Violet Street

  • 2 acre parcel of land originally surveyed on the Plan of the Village of Gravenhurst on July 10, 1878 and owned by John Forster Esq.
  • Officially transferred to the Bishop of Algoma (Anglican) in 1883 as a cemetery
  • An original wood frame church was located on this site until 1882, when it was re-built at its present location
  • Maintained by the Church until 1993, when it was turned over by request of the Church to the Town
  • Located on the southeast corner of Muskoka Rd South and Violet St

St. Paul's Roman Catholic Cemetery 210 (Gravenhurst) Wagner Street

See Lakeview Cemetery above

Symington (Morrison Township) 1010 Kilworthy Road

  • 1 acre lot originally donated by the Symington family in 1862 to be used as a non-denomination burial ground for local residents
  • Controlled by a cemetery board until August of 2001, when it was transferred to the Town
  • Located on the northwest corner of Hwy 11 and Kilworthy Road

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