Curb & Sidewalk Maintenance

Road and sidewalk maintenance is managed by the Town’s Public Works division. Regardless of the season, our staff maintains over 69 km of asphalt roads; 63 km of gravel roads; 132 km of surface treated roads and approximately 24 km sidewalks. Our road, bridge and sidewalk maintenance program ensures our residents can travel with ease. Your ability to travel safely on the Town’s network of roads and sidewalks is our first concern.

Curb and sidewalks are an integral part of the Town’s infrastructure. Curbs are important to collect and convey water to storm drainage outlets. Sidewalks are important pedestrian linkages in the community, and it is the Town’s task to ensure both curbs and sidewalks are in good repair.

Sidewalks within the municipality are required to be maintained in accordance with the Provincial Minimum Maintenance Standards (O. Reg. 239/02, as amended). The minimum maintenance standard sets out the tolerances and identifies the type / severity of defect before a repair is required. It also sets out the amount of time that is allowed to pass before the repair must be completed.

The major causes of sidewalk damage are:

  • uplifting by tree roots
  • vehicles (especially trucks) driving on the sidewalk
  • deterioration due to age

What We Do! 

  • Conduct routine patrols to identify defects to curbs. Should repairs be required, work is prioritized and scheduled accordingly; and
  • Conduct annual patrols of our sidewalks annually, to identify any defects which may be potentially dangerous.  Sidewalk defects are prioritized according to severity.  Repairs range from saw cutting or grinding a trip edge, to the complete removal and replacement of the deficient section of sidewalk.

 How You Can Help?

  • Weeds and other plant growth can damage curbs.  Residents are encouraged to remove weeds from joints and cracks in the curbs and gutters and keep the area clean.
Report a Problem

To report a concern with Curbs and Sidewalks, Contact Us at: 705-687-3412, press 5, then 3, or  ext 2261 or report a problem using our online form.

Complaints are addressed on a priority and scheduling basis and in accordance with legislated standards.

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