Development Charges

Development charges are collected to assist in financing capital costs associated with new infrastructure and municipal service expansion needed to support growth.  View the current municipal fees and rates and Development Charges By-Law summary.

Development charges are payable prior to the issuance of a building permit.  These include separate District of Muskoka development charges which the Town collects on behalf of the District of Muskoka.

2020 Development Charges

2019 Development Charges Background Study

The Town of Gravenhurst adopted Development Charges By-law 2019-52 on August 13, 2019.  Rates imposed under the by-law came into effect on August 20, 2019 and will be indexed annually on January 1st of each year in accordance with Statistics Canada Quarterly Construction Price Indexes reporting guidelines.  View the Notice of By-law Passage.  This by-law is set to expire on August 19, 2024.

The Town of Gravenhurst, as required by legislation, must conduct a background study and public process for review to enact a new development charges by-law every five years.

The 2019 Development Charges Background Study provides information on proposed development charges. The 2019 District of Muskoka Growth Study formed the growth projections used in the background study.  Both of these documents helped develop the 2019 Development Charges By-law.

Council has requested staff to provide possible revisions to the by-law at their meeting of the Committee of the Whole on November 19, 2019 and to schedule a meeting on December 17, 2019 at 3:00pm in the Council Chambers at the Town of Gravenhurst Municipal Office to receive comments from the public before passing the proposed revisions to the by-law.

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