Emergency Operations

The Gravenhurst Fire Department has approximately 50 dedicated paid on call/volunteer firefighters. We are ready to respond to a call for help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We respond to many different types of incidents such as:

  • fires
  • motor vehicle accidents
  • shore based water/ ice rescues
  • gas leaks/carbon monoxide emergencies.

A large portion of our community does not have hydrants. We are very good at obtaining water from ponds, rivers and lakes where needed.

Limited or no access to your property

We, and other emergency services, rely on having proper access to properties so we can provide help when needed. For private roadways or driveways, we strongly recommend the following access route parameters:

  • 6 meters or 20 feet wide
  • 5 meters or 16 feet, 5 inches high
  • a centre line radius not less than 12 meters or 40 feet
  • a change of grade not more than 1 in 12.5 over a minimum distance of 15 meters or 50 feet
  • be designed to support firefighting equipment and be surfaced with concrete, asphalt or other material designed to allow access under all climate conditions
  • have a turnaround for any dead-end portion of the access route more than 90 meters or 300 feet long
  • be connected with a public road


  • keep brush and trees well-trimmed
  • clear storm debris quickly
  • winter maintenance and snow removal is essential

Remember, if your property is not accessible by a public road, we and other emergency services may not be able to reach you.

Water access only properties are at an even greater risk so we urge you to be very prepared for an emergency.

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