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Do something you love and never work a day!

business people shaking handsMore and more people are moving away from traditional jobs, towards innovative and analytical careers.  With more than 500 businesses, there are a variety of employment opportunities in a number of sectors. Many of Gravenhurst residents are employed in science, engineering, arts, culture, entertainment and knowledge-based professions, including management, finance, law, healthcare and education. 

Most people desire work-life balance and enjoy recreational and outdoor activities to share with friends and family. This is why more people are moving to Gravenhurst to take advanage of business opportunities and the lifestyle it offers.

Tourism is one of the largest economic sectors in Gravenhurst, there are many jobs available for those looking for less stressful and customer-oriented interactions. This sector can support our youth as well as semi-retired residents who are looking for part-time and seasonal employment options so they have the flexibility to enjoy all that the area has to offer.

The Construction industry is the area's other largest employment sector.  High paying, skilled jobs are in demand in Muskoka.  This sector not only employs those in the trades but a variety of jobs are needed to support operations and businesses, from general labourers, to administration and managemement to business services and logistics. 

 Local Area Job Boards and Listings
Why Work in Gravenhurst?
  • Work / Life harmony is achievable!  By cutting down on your commute and living close to the recreation and cultural events that you enjoy, you can spend more time being there rather than getting there.
  • Opportunities to do what you love.  We spend the majority of our lives at work and working for someone else.  Gravenhurst give entrepreneurs lower cost of Doing Business and a community of supportive and business-minded resources, making it easier to turn your passion into a business.
  • Internet Connectivity - Within the urban area, 100% access to high-speed connectivity.  In rural areas over 50% of properties have access to high-speed services, with more access under development.  A super high-speed gigabit capacity fibre to the home (FTTH) network will be installed beginning in 2016.  This will impact some 1,350 homes and businesses principally in the urban area.
  • Networking & Co-Working Opportunities – in 2015 The Network Space was established in Gravenhurst. It offers a place for business owners to connect and have flexible office space with high tech features such as 3D printing, networking and mentorship events.
  • Community Support - There are a number of employment and business resources to assist in finding a job or opening/expanding your business.
  • Need to be in Toronto or a larger urban centre?  It takes as little as 1.5 hours to get to the city!

These websites are a great place to start, but we’d love to hear from you! Give Jeff Loney, a call and he can help you navigate the programs and services available to your specific business. 705-687-2230 x 280 or 

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