Our Crest is a symbol of service in our community.


In the beginning

  • In 1887, a very large fire spread through the town. Forty-five families were homeless and over 50 businesses wiped out. The Town Hall and attached firehall survived.
  • After the 1887 fire, the fire department was established.
  • In July, 1897 the Town Hall and firehall at the corner of Brock Street and First Street burned to the ground. A new firehall was built on the site and included a bell tower, garage, jail cells and an apartment for the local police chief.


  • In 1924, we purchased a Ford Model T hose and ladder truck. This was our first self-propelled fire truck.
  • In 1937 we purchased a Ford V8 hose and ladder truck.
  • In 1953, we purchased a Bickle Seagrave pumper.
  • In June, 1958 we purchased a 1951 curbside van. This vehicle carried firefighters' clothing and tools.

Fire Stations

Station One

  • The firehall built in 1898 was used until 1969 when the current Station One was built, one block to the north in Gravenhurst. The old station was used by the ambulance until 1973 when it was torn down to make way for a new water tower.
  • The new firehall was a joint project with the local police. It contained an apparatus bay, garage for the town police car, large classroom, kitchen, offices and a bunkroom. We shared the building with the local police until 1972.
  • By 1974, the Station One firehall was also being used as the Gravenhurst Town Hall. This arrangement lasted until August, 2010.
  • In 1987 an addition was added and included apparatus bays for two more trucks, offices for the Chief, Deputy Chief and a classroom.
  • The building is now being used by the Fire Department and the Ontario Provincial Police.

Station Two

  • Two truck bays were set aside in the Town's Public Works yard on Kilworthy Road for us. This space eventually becomes Station Two.
  • In 1983 an addition was built to provide a classroom and small kitchen.

Station Three

  • A firehall was built on Barkway Road.
  • In 1996 a classroom and kitchen were added to the building.

 We continue to operate out of these three stations.

Retired members

In the beginning, we were nothing more than an unorganized group of neighbours who came out to help other neighbours when there was a fire. Over the years, we became more organized and in 1887 the Gravenhurst Fire Department was officially formed. Since that time, many people have been firefighters with the department. They have trained for emergencies of all kinds and have responded to them at all hours of the day and night. We would like to thank our retired members for their bravery and service.

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