Hosting an Event

Gravenhurst is home to many unique special events all year round! If you would like to host your next event in Gravenhurst, please contact the Communications, Culture and Recreation Department at 705-687-6774

Events Application Information

Hosting an event in Gravenhurst all begins with completing an events application and then consultation with staff to determine what your event requires to be successful.

Download the Events Application Guidelines to find out what types of information will be required in the application and what regulations need to be followed.

Once you`ve read the Guidelines, download and complete the Municipal Events Application Form and send it in to the Communications, Culture and Recreation Department for review.

Once your event application has been reviewed and approved for permitting, you will receive a permit from the CCR Department.

Fees and Information

Gravenhurst has a variety of venues for your event to choose from. Determining what location best suits your needs is best done by working with Staff to review your proposed event and its impact.

Be sure to check out information about renting Town parks and buildings, as well as the Opera House when planning your event. A full list of all charges and fees is contained in the fees and charges by-law.

In fall of 2017, a new Fee Reduction Policy was implemented. Find out if your event is eligible for a Fee Reduction.


Gravenhurst has a unique variety of venues for your special day! Check out our Weddings page for more info!

Other Applications and Required Documents

As part of hosting an event, you may be required to secure additional permissions beyond your Facility Permit.

If you will be selling Goods or Services, having Food or Refreshment Trucks, or having Amusement Rides, additional paperwork needs to be completed. Download and complete a Business Licence Application for any of the above items.

If you would like to host an event on a road or need to occupy or close a road, be sure to complete a Temporary Road Closure Application. This would be used for street sales, parades, block parties or other events that use the roadway.

If your event is looking to have inflatable attractions or to have tents over 626 sq metres, you are required to complete a Building Permit Application including a Schedule 1 - Designer Information Form. Be sure to contact staff in the Building Department to see what information is required for these items, prior to submitting your permit.

If you event is going to have Alcohol at it, you will need to secure a Special Occasion Permit from the Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario. Once you have your permit from ACGO, you will be required to submit it to the Town.

The Fire Prevention Division is also involved in community event planning. It works with event planners to ensure there will be adequate access for emergency personnel, their vehicles and that the event will be held in a fire safe manner.

Please contact the Fire Prevention Division at 705-687-3414 for further information.

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