Property inspections

We conduct property inspections when:

  • A fire safety complaint is received.
  • A property owner or occupant asks for assistance to comply with the Fire Code.

An inspection will be made by our Fire Prevention Officer. During the inspection, the Fire Prevention Officer will show the property owner any violations to the Fire Code and ask that they be fixed. A Fire Safety Inspection Report, Inspection Order or other written recommendations will be provided.


To report a fire safety complaint, please complete our on-line complaint form.

Day Care Inspections
Licensed child care programs must meet and maintain provincial standards. These standards are set out in the Day Nurseries Act. The standards help day care operators meet the health, safety and developmental needs of the children in their care. We conduct Home Day Care inspections of child care facilities to assess the fire and life safety of a building. Please contact us to request an inspection or for further information.
Vulnerable Occupancies
Vulnerable occupancies include care occupancies, care and treatment occupancies and retirement homes. These vulnerable occupancies must meet and maintain provincial standards through annual fire drills and inspections according to the Ontario Fire Code. These standards help operators meet fire and life safety needs for the facility and those in their care.  Please contact us to request an inspection or for further information.
Wood stove and Chimney Inspections
Please contact the Building Department to request an inspection or for further information.
Community Event Planning
We work with event planners to ensure there will be adequate access for emergency personnel, their vehicles, and that the event will be held to fire safe standards.  Please contact us for further information.



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