Outdoor Facilities

Gravenhurst has a number of outdoor facilities for use throughout the year.

The sections below describe our outdoor facilities and their location.

Baseball diamonds

Gravenhurst has some of the finest baseball diamonds in Muskoka.

  • T-Ball Diamond, Gull Lake Rotary Park 405 Brock St
  • Softball Diamond at Gull Lake Rotary Park 405 Brock St
  • Multi use Muskoka Bay Park, 700 Muskoka Road 169
  • Muskoka Wharf Sports Field, 590 James St

Outdoor Ice Surfaces - Muskoka Wharf Sports Field

The Town has two outdoor ice surfaces located at the Wharf Sports Field at 1111 Bay St
  • the opening of the outdoor rink is weather dependant, to form a base from which staff can flood, a large amount of snow that has more moisture in order to pack it is needed, followed by a number of cold weather days (-10 C or below) for at least a week
  • staff monitor the weather conditions daily, and when they are favourable, try to flood the outdoor rinks
  • Be respectful to all patrons with all skill levels
  • Stay safe

Tennis courts

There are two outdoor locations to play tennis in Gravenhurst

  • Gull Lake Park, 340 Bethune Dr. Additional parking is available at 405 Brock Street
  • Muskoka Bay Park, 700 Muskoka Road 169

Soccer pitch

Our soccer pitch is located at the Muskoka Wharf Sports Field, 700 Muskoka Road 169

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