Public Education

Our goal is to prevent fires from happening in the first place. We do this through public education. We hope that by talking about fire safety with you that we can change everyday habits to include fire safety in everything that you do.

We try to reach everyone and provide helpful information and training. Information on smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and fire extinguishers is available.

We will:

  • Be a guest speaker at a function.
  • Set up a display at community events.
  • Visit the local schools.
  • Go door to door through our Alarmed for Life smoke detector campaign.

 Public education programs

 The programs that we use to educate people in Gravenhurst are the same programs used by fire departments across North America. These programs include:

  • After the fire – a program that provides those affected by a fire with information to help rebuild their lives.
  • Exit drills in the home – a program that teaches children and adults how to make and practice a home escape plan.
  • Learn not to burn – a series of 22 fire safe behaviours taught to school children as part of their regular school studies.
  • Alarmed for life – a campaign to put a smoke alarm in every home in Gravenhurst. Any resident who is unable to buy or install a smoke alarm will be given one. Upon request, a firefighter will go to your home and help you install an alarm in the best location.
  • Older and wiser – a program designed to reduce the number of fire deaths and injuries to older adults. Firefighters will speak to any group of adults about fire safety in the home.
  • TAPP-C – A program, also known as The Arson Prevention Program for Children, designed to reach out to children who may be showing early signs of unsafe fire behaviour.

Please contact us for further information.

 Contest - Win a pizza party

We are hosting a home escape plan contest. Please send us:

  • a drawing of your home escape plan OR
  • a video of your home escape plan being practiced

Home escape plan drawings must include:

  • an overhead view of your home
  • all exits including doors and windows
  • 2 ways out of each room, if possible
  • your outdoor meeting place

Video of your home escape plan being practiced must include:

  • a smoke alarm sounding
  • at least one occupant exiting your home
  • an occupant feeling the door for heat before opening it
  • an occupant crawling out of the home, "get low and go"
  • someone PRETENDING to call 911 from outside the home
  • all occupants meeting at the meeting place
  • you get a virtual high five if your pets participate too

Here are some tips to create and practice your home escape plan and to help win the home escape plan challenge.

Entries are due on Friday June 5, 2020 at 4 p.m.  Please submit your drawings or video to Fire Prevention Officer Breyan Sinnott. 1 winner will be selected from the home escape plan drawing submission and 1 winner will be selected from the video submissions. Winners will be selected by a random draw from each category. Selected winners will win a pizza party for members of their immediate family. Fore more information, please contact FPO Breyan Sinnott at 705-687-3414 ext. 223

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