Reduced Load Period

Half Load Restrictions to be lifted Friday May 8

During the annual spring thaw period, typically early March to late May, District of Muskoka municipalities place ‘half-load’ or ‘reduced/seasonal load’ restrictions on the majority of its roadways.  The Town announces that it will lift the half load restrictions effective 12:01 am on Friday May 8, 2020.

Truck Operators are reminded that the purpose of the seasonal load restriction protects the road and road base from damage caused by wheel loads of heavy vehicles and is ultimately intended to increase the lifecycle of municipal roadways. Until such time the half load restrictions are lifted, Truck operators travelling through the Town of Gravenhurst are legally obligated to use only roadways designated as permissive truck routes. This same requirement extends to designated District of Muskoka and MTO highways. 

If you have a question concerning our Reduced Road Limit Period, Contact Us at: 705-687-3412 ext. 256

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