About Gravenhurst

Some facts about Gravenhurst:

  • Its area: 518 square kilometers
  • Its population: 12,311
  • Its estimated seasonal population: approximately 34,000
  • Its total private dwellings: 8,302
  • The number of fire hydrants: 477
  • The area served by fire hydrants: Approximately 7.5 square kilometers
  • 2017 By the Numbers Report

About the department

We responded to 235 calls for service in 2017. See our 2017 By the Numbers Report above for more statistics and information.

We have:

  • Approximately 50 part-time firefighters with 5 full-time personnel which include a Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, Training Officer, Fire Prevention Officer and Administrative Assistant.
  • Three fire stations
  • Our radio frequency: 154.280

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