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Goodbye big city, Hello fresh air!

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Simply put, Gravenhurst is a great place to live, work and raise a family.  People are moving to Gravenhurst from all over, for one simple thing - the Muskoka Lifestyle.

You're no doubt juggling a fast-pace career and high cost of living, maybe kids and/or pets and a long commute that doesn't leave much time to relax and enjoy the things that matter to you most. It's time to bring some balance to your life. By living and working in Gravenhurst you can dramatically decrease your daily commute to 5-15 minutes, even in the winter! These are just some of the many benefits to moving here!

See what a day in the life of a few Gravenhurt residents who decided to make our town there home and learn about just some of the many entreprenurial success stories!

family biking through the forest in autumnGravenhurst is a safe community, in a great environment, with a strong sense of belonging. In Gravenhurst, not only do you have space to breathe but also space to grow. With a lower cost of living and a variety of housing options, you can choose what fits your dream and not just what fits your budget. 

There are a variety of affordable housing options; how about a quaint bungalow with a large yard, a spacious urban condo near the Wharf, a rural home where you can also run a business while the kids play outside or one of the prestigious clubs for the young professional or the newly retired, it's really up to you!

View our Community Profile and Find out below why people are choosing Gravenhurst!

 Work life balance with an emphasis on Living

Gravenhurst’s population has grown steadily year after year and currently sits at 12,936. In addition to a year-round population, there is a sizeable seasonal base that doubles population in the summer, for a total of 25,183.  This influx of seasonal residents creates a buzz of activity in the summer and there is never a shortages of things to see and do.

Man painting scenic image in Downtown GravenhurstQuality of Life - Gravenhurst has a healthy average household income of $80,805.  The average income per person is $42,569.  Reduced commutes, affordability, more time with friends and family and access to world class outdoor recreation puts Gravenhurst high on the quality of life index.

Lifestyle - Gravenhurst and the surrounding Muskoka area offers wonderful outdoor recreation, arts and cultural, as well as access to lakes, forests, beaches and hills and is like being on a muskoka vacation all year round. We are a warm and friendly community and proudly embrase and support our thriving artistic and mindful community. Take in a show or concert at the Historic Opera House, visit galleries and take part in workshops/classes or enjoy the many festivals and events, all year round. 

In between recreation and cultural activities, indulge your taste buds with a fresh, locally prepared dish or try something sweet at the our many bakeries and cafes Downtown Gravenhurst or the Muskoka Wharf!

Check out Community Directory to find local products and services and the Community Calendar to find out what's happening.

Telecommuting - Does your job allow you to telecommute? Can you work from just about anywhere?  Join our ever growing group of telecommuters in Gravenhurst. With the ever expanding fiber network in Gravenhurst, telecommuting is a great option. The Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) network has speeds of up to a Gigabit (1,000 MB) per second speed, one of the fastest internet speeds available all throughout our Urban Centre. You no longer need the hustle and bustle of the city to stay connected!

Youth with ComputerEducation and Community Services - The District of Muskoka has build a network of community services to assist and support families, persons with disabilities and seniors in the region.  Locally, Gravenhurst is home to many of these offices, in addition to many others including employment resources

Gravenhurst is home to 3 public elementary schools, a high school, and the Adult Education Training Centre.  Our close proximity to post-secondary institutions means students can stay at home longer and reduce educational costs. The Trillium Lakeland District School board provides education and learning in Gravenhurst and the broader region, including French Language opportunities.  Our kids have great teaches and resources.  The Gravenhurst High school recently added a full culinary kitchen and works closely with local construction and technology and skilled trades.

See what your dollar gets you in Gravenhurst


Gravenhurst residents have a lower cost of living. Average Rental Rate for a 2bd apt is approximately $980/Month and the Average home purchase price is $340,000.

Average Rental PriceGravenhurstBarrieToronto
1 bedroom $832 $1,141  $1,270
2 bedroom $980 $1,331 $1,492
3+ bedroom $1,049 $1,472 $1,664

Source: Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation - Housing Portal (Oct 2018)

Average Home Price*GravenhurstBarrieToronto
Condo/Apartment $352,300 $364,000 $541,000
Multi/Semi Detached $352,500 $304,700 $881,700
Detached Home $313,000 $475,100 $1,097,200

Source: Lakelands District Real Estate Board & Barrie Real Estate Board & Toronto Real Estate Board (Dec 2018) *Non-waterfront

Contact one of the knowledgeable Local Realtors or to see if they can find a home that’s right for you. Want something custom? Find one of the talented Muskoka Builders to learn more about having a house built just for you.

Property Taxes

Gravenhurst offers affordable tax rates both for residential and commercial properties. Lower taxes for multi-residential properties support and encourage private investment in rental housing developments, while lower assessments provide further savings. 


Residential 1.25% 1.27%  0.69%
Residential (Multi) 1.25% 1.27%  2.69%
Commercial 1.89% 2.67%  2.64%

Utility Costs

Gravenhurst offers residential competitive electrical rates. If you want to take a closer look, the Ontario Energy Board's website allows you to calculate potential electricity and natural gas rates for your home or office. Detailed pricing for property taxes, energy, waste management, water and sewer, as well as building and development fees are available in the Gravenhurst Community Profile

Fuel Costs

Finally, save yourself time by cutting down your commute and working where you live. Toronto and Barrie residents spend an average of 66 and 59 minutes, respectively, in traffic every day. By contrast, people who live in areas like Gravenhurst have an average commute time between 5-15 minutes, that's a difference of 9 to 11 days of extra time per year that you could be spending with your family, working on a hobby or enjoying the sunshine from your boat! By moving to Gravenhurst, first time buyers can stop paying rent and finally get into the property market. Current owners can upgrade for the same price, or choose to cut expenses and live a simpler lifestyle.

FuelGravenhurstSouthern OntarioNorthern OntarioOntario
Regular unleaded gasoline 93.5 95.4 105.1 96.5

Source: The most recent prices from February 4, 2019 (prices in cents per litre)

Gravenhurst is Good at Doing Business

Gravenhurst is a vibrant yet cost-effective location for your business.  Need to go to the city to connect face-to-face? You’ll only need one hour to drive from Gravenhurst to Barrie, or about one and a half hours to get to Toronto or can also quickly get to the City by Plan from the Muskoka Airport, only 10 km outside of Gravenhurst downtown.

Gravenhurst businesses pay lower commercial property taxes. The cost of purchasing land or buildings is significantly lower than what you would have to pay in Toronto or other town/cities and eliminated all commercial and development charges to help encourage expansion and new buildings both in town and in the rural community.

Gravenhurst Average Lease RatesAverage Lease Price/SqftAverage Sale Price/Sqft
Commercial Core $13.46 $157.17
Highway Commercial $13.75 $119.13
Airport/Industrial Park $12.00 $107.40
Overall Average: $13.07 $127.90
Source: Gravenhurst Property Market Summary (Dec 2018). Raw data is gathered from Lakeland Real Estate Board, MLS and direct infomation from Comerica/Industrial Properties Owners

Visit our Business Resources page to find out more about financial resources, support and the network of partners who can help you start or re-locate your business in Gravenhurst.



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