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The Town of Gravenhurst promotes a safe and healthy community for all residents and visitors. By-laws and regulations are in place to encourage people to be responsible and respectful of their neighbours and fellow community members.  Below are frequently requested By-laws regulating the Public and Municipal staff.




Fees and Charges

Planning and Zoning

Building and Property


Streets and Parking

Open Air Burning Regulations

 Burning Control

  • Burn By-law 2021-16
  • Burn By-law Map Region -
    • Recreational fires are permitted for properties within the purple outline (see map below). They must be a max. size of 61cm by 61cm & 6m away from flammable objects/structures.
    • Non-Recreational fires are permitted only for properties outside of the purple outline (see map below). They must not exceed max. size of 2x2m & 20m away from flammable objects/structures.
 Understanding the Town's Burning By-law (Video)


Parks Docks Launches and Cemeteries

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The attached By-laws are not official or legal documents. By-laws are subject to amendments. Only the original, signed and sealed By-laws issued by the Municipal Clerk are official documents. Citizens should consult the Legislative Services Department for original documents.

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