All departments at the Town of Gravenhurst work together to provide professional and timely customer service.

Administration – Chief Administrative Officer

Operations of the Town of Gravenhurst are overseen by the Chief Administrative Officer.

The office of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) provides leadership to a full time staff of approximately 70 people who serve the residents, businesses and visitors to Gravenhurst. Our goal is to meet and exceed the high expectations that the public has for superior service delivery.

The responsibilities of the CAO include overseeing the municipal operations and ensuring that Council's priorities and strategic directions are achieved.

Human Resources Division

The Human Resources Division provides expertise and assistance to the Town of Gravenhurst, its elected officials, managers and employees in various areas including:

  • Recruitment and selectionEmployee orientation

  • Benefits and pension administration
  • Compensation design and administration

  • Pay Equity/Job Evaluation maintenance

  • Training and development

  • Organizational development and staff planning

  • Corporate attendance and performance management

  • Employee and labour relations

  • Health, Safety and Wellness

  • Human Resources Information Services

  • Employee records management

  • Employee service awards

  • Policy development

  • Legislative compliance

Please visit the links below for information about employment.

Work With Us

Employment Opportunities

Organization Chart

Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for all of the financial matters of the Town of Gravenhurst. The Department provides financial information to Council, the Public and other Town Departments. The responsibilities of the Finance Department include:

  • Billing and Collection of Property Taxes

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Capital Asset tracking and reporting

  • Prepare Towns Operating and Capital Budgets

  • Financial Reports

  • Administer the Town's Purchasing Policy (PDF)

  • Provide information, reports, analysis and guidance to Council and Departments regarding financial operations of the Town

  • Establish, develop and maintain accounting systems

  • Monitor department performance for council and departments

  • Investing and borrowing funds

  • Acquiring and maintaining Town's general insurance policies

  • User Fees and Charges

  • Development Charges

Recreation and Culture

Recreation Division

The Recreation Division is committed to ensuring a range of social, cultural, recreational, and open space activities which preserve and enhance the quality of life for Gravenhurst residents and visitors alike.

For more information, please call 705-687-3412.

Gravenhurst Opera House Division

The stunning Gravenhurst Opera House is situated in the heart of downtown Gravenhurst; the Gateway to Muskoka. Featuring arts & cultural programming year-round, this historic gem is credited for having been home to the birth of Summer theatre in Canada.

Development Services

Building Division

Our goal is to serve our clients in a friendly, professional manner to ensure the health, safety and well-being of the citizen's residing and constructing in the Town of Gravenhurst.

The Town's Building Department is responsible for issuing building permits for:

  • New construction, repairs, demolition, renovations and change of use of buildings

  • Private sewage disposal systems

  • Signage

By-Law Division

The Town of Gravenhurst By-law Department promotes a safe and healthy community for all residents and visitors. By-laws and regulations are in place to encourage people to be responsible and respectful of their neighbours and fellow community members.

The By-law Department falls within the Development Services Department and is responsible for the enforcement and the prosecution of numerous Town By-laws. Assistance is also provided to the Building Department and Volunteer Fire Department in the enforcement of the Ontario Building and Fire Codes.

In case of an emergency, please call 9-1-1

Enforcement Committees

This Division has direct administrative involvement with the following Enforcement Committees:

Fence Viewers / Dangerous Dog Appeal Committee

The cost of fences to be erected along a common property line are normally shared between two property owners. In the event of a disagreement between two property owners, or if one property owner does not wish to pay their share, an application may be made to the Town to have the Fence Viewers attend the property.

Fence Viewers are appointed by Council to arbitrate and make awards as to the cost of the fence construction along common property lines.

Fence Viewers will attend the property to visually inspect the area and  file a report outlining the responsibilities to each property owner (section of fence to be erected and type), assign a date by which the fence must be constructed, and assess costs for their attendance.

This Committee also hears appeals from residents of Gravenhurst who have received a ‘Notice to Muzzle' for their dog after it has been declared a ‘Dangerous Dog'.

The charging Officer who issues the Muzzle notice must present evidence to the Committee, while the Manager of By-law Services regulates the flow and decorum of the appeal process by explaining the procedures and summarizing the events.

These meetings are open to the public. However, deliberations are done in closed session.

Current members are:
  • C.A.M. Smith
  • Kelsey Gliddon
  • Rob Abbott
  • Harold Coffin
  • Barbara McNeice-Stallard

 Staff Liaisons supporting the administration of this Committee are:


Property Standards Committee 

This Committee has full delegation of the authority within the Building Code Act, Statutory Powers Procedure Act, and the Municipal Act to hear appeals from property owners who disagree with a Property Standards Order.

During a hearing, the Committee will:

  • Hear evidence presented by witnesses, Town By-law Staff, property owners, or other individuals that may have evidence relating to the case;

  • Make decisions on the status of the Property Standards Order; and

  • Confirm, modify, rescind, or extend the time for complying with the Order

Notice of Hearing/Appeal:

Where an appellant is properly notified of a hearing or appeal (via registered mail) and does not attend at the time and place appointed, the Committee shall determine that the appellant has "deemed not to dispute" the Order. The Committee shall confirm the Order(s) as written, with the appellant being notified of the Committee's decision after the appeal hearing.

These meetings are open to the public. However, deliberations are done in closed session.

Simplified Procedure:

The Committee refers to a simplified procedural document during hearings. 


The Committee consists of up to five (5) public citizens appointed by Council who understand and apply the provisions of the Town's Property Standards By-law and should be considered impartial with respect to their ability to fulfill their responsibilities.

Current members are:
  • C.A.M. Smith
  • Rob Abbott
  • Kelsey Gliddon
  • Harold Coffin
Staff Liaisons supporting the administration of this Committee are:

Economic Development Division

The Economic Development Division plays a vital role for the Corporation. This division delivers a full range of economic development services. Its core objective is to foster an environment conducive to job creation, increase municipal tax assessment and encourage overall prosperity for the community. To learn more about the initiatives and services that the Economic Development Division provides visit our {Doing Business Section}

The division includes marketing programs to attract new businesses, tourism and community engagement projects. Additionally responsible for external corporate marketing and economic development promotional efforts

Our team provides confidential, complementary support services for companies or individuals interested locating, growing or starting a business in the Town of Gravenhurst:

Act as the single point of contact for entrepreneurs and businesses interested in locating to Gravenhurst;

  • Provide advice and referral for government assistance and programs.

  • Maintain current socio-economic data, various statistics and information;

  • Develop partnerships to promote, support and sustain economic prosperity

If you are interested in learning more about our services, please contact the Economic Development Division

Planning Division

The Planning Division is responsible for the review, development and implementation of land use policies and by-laws including the Town's Official Plan. We accept, review and process development related applications such as zoning amendments, consents, minor variances, site plan agreements, deeming by-laws, un-opened road allowance closings, shore road allowance closings and surplus lands applications.

The following Committees are directly linked to the Planning Department:

Fire and Emergency Services

The Gravenhurst Fire Department is a composite Fire Department with 5 full-time staff and over 50 dedicated part-time (volunteer) firefighters that are committed to the protection of the citizens of the Town of Gravenhurst and its visitors.

We respond from three fire stations located at:

  • Station #1 Fire Department Headquarters - 190 Harvie Street, Unit One, Gravenhurst
  • Station #2 - 1030 Kilworthy Road, Gravenhurst
  • Station #3 - 1622 Barkway Road, Gravenhurst

Infrastructure Services

The Infrastructure Services Department is responsible for the maintenance and construction programs for municipal maintained Roads, Parks, Cemeteries, Street Lights, Fleet, Facility Management and the Muskoka Wharf in Gravenhurst. In Addition to municipal roads, the Town is contracted by the District of Muskoka for the maintenance of District Roads, based upon their maintenance standards.

The department is split into 4 divisions responsible for:

You can see staff working in every part of our community life in areas that involve the care of:

  • Parks
  • Public buildings
  • Gardens
  • Parking lots
  • As well as summer and winter maintenance of our road and sidewalk network. 

To Report a Problem please fill out this online form, call 705-687-3412 extension 2256 or email:

Parks & Cemetery Division

The Division is mandated by legislation and Town policy to manage, maintain and repair the existing infrastructure comprising of the Town's:

  • Parkland
  • Green spaces
  • Gardens & beautification
  • Trails
  • Boat launches

The division is supported by staff maintaining 13 parks, including Gull Lake Rotary Park and the Muskoka Wharf, approximately 35 km of walking and hiking trails, 12 cemeteries and many green spaces around the municipality.

Some examples of the requests for services that are handled by the Parks Division are as follows:

  • Grass cutting concerns
  • Baseball diamond repairs and maintenance
  • Tennis court maintenance concerns
  • Removal or maintenance of trees in parks, trails and cemeteries
  • Flower garden and hanging basket maintenance
  • Trail maintenance
  • Memorial tree and bench dedications
  • Additional Resources:
  • Sports Facilities:
    • Baseball Diamonds
    • Tennis Courts
    • Outdoor Ice Surfaces

Public Works and Operations Division

The Public Works division is mandated by legislation and Town policy to manage, maintain and repair the existing infrastructure comprising of:

  • Roadway system
  • Sidewalk system
  • Storm water system
  • Streetlight system fleet
  • Parking lots

The division is supported by staff maintaining approximately 260 km of roadway with 11 structures and an additional 107 km of District roadway, in rural and urban settings, providing unique and different challenges.

The Town of Gravenhurst has a service agreement with the District Municipality of Muskoka for the Maintenance of the Muskoka road system that lies within the Town of Gravenhurst. These Services are performed in conjunction with the regular Town services and the costs are invoiced to the District for the services rendered.

Some examples of the requests for services that are handled by the Roads Division are as follows:

  • Snow covered or ice condition roads
  • Cleaning of damaged culverts replacement
  • Drainage and ditching maintenance
  • Pot holes requiring repair or grading
  • Road sign repair or replacement
  • Removal or maintenance of trees on road allowances
  • Entrance permits required on Town owned roadways


Garbage and Recycling - District of Muskoka

Highway Traffic Act

Road Allowance (PDF)

Tree By-law

Winter Maintenance Policy

Winter Towing


Legislative Services


 Corporate Communications
Corporate Communications manages all internal and external communications. They work with media and community stakeholders, manage the corporate website and handle public affairs. 
 Clerks Division
The Legislative Services Department provides administrative support to Council and its Committees/Boards.  They ensure that all actions taken by Council are recorded, communicated, and managed.

 Their legislated roles are: 

Programs and services coordinated are:


Organizational Structure

Town of Gravenhurst Organizational Structure 

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