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 Property Standards Committee

The Town of Gravenhurst Property Standards Committee has full delegation of the authority in the Building Code Act and the Municipal Act to hear appeals from property owners who disagree with a Property Standards Order.

The Committee Shall:

  • Hear evidence presented by witnesses, Town By-law Staff, property owners, or other individuals that may have evidence relating to the case;
  • Make decisions on the status of the the Property Standards Order; and
  • Confirm, modify, rescind, or extend the time for complying with the Order.

Where an appellant is properly notified of a hearing or appeal (via registered mail) and does not attend at the time and place appointed, the Committee shall determine that the appellant has "deemed not to dispute" the Order. The Committee shall confirm the Order(s) as written, with the appellant being notified of the Committee's decision after the appeal hearing.

2014- 2018 Appointed Committee Members

The Committee consists of up to five (5) public citizens appointed by Council who understand and apply the provisions of the Town's Property Standards By-law and should be considered impartial with respect to their ability to fulfill their responsibilities. Current members are:

  • Cam Smith
  • Norman Nix
  • Rob Abbott


The staff liaisons who support the administration of the Committee include:

  • Andy Jones, Chief Building Official
  • Dustin Gronc, Manager and By-law 

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