Gravenhurst Community Spirit Awards Committee

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The Gravenhurst Community Spirit Awards Committee is a community Subcommittee of Council that provide recommendations on award recipients and coordinate the matters related to the Gravenhurst Community Spirit Awards.

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Vision & Primary Role

Vision: to publicly recognize the outstanding achievement(s), volunteerism, and acts of Good Samaritan of townspeople, and to promote a sense of pride within the community.

Primary Role: responsible for the development, coordination and hosting of the Community Spirit Awards celebrations every 2 years outside of a municipal election year. They also organize the award ceremony event, manage displays, and establish/ develop/define/review criteria and process of award recipients in accordance with the eligibility criteria.

All Boards and Subcommittees of the municipality are governed by the same legislation:

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference outlines the purpose, structure, operating rules, and define the various roles of membership within a Subcommittee.

The Terms are jointly developed and approved by Council, and can change as the nature of the work of Council evolves.

View the Gravenhurst Accessibility Advisory Committee's Terms of Reference


Committee membership is made up of local community volunteers, affiliate members, a Council representative and Staff Liaison:

  • Gord Durnan (Acting Chair)
  • James Brown
  • John Cooper
  • Graeme Murray
  • Fred Schulz
  • Mayor Paisley Donaldson, Council Representative (Ex-Officio)
  • Manager of Recreation Services (Staff Liaison)

Schedules, Agendas & Minutes

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Agendas and Minutes for this Committee's meetings can be viewed within our Council Calendar when posted. 

If you wish to speak at a meeting, visit our Information and Special Request Page.

For more information on Schedules, Agendas and Minutes, please contact the Deputy Clerk/Committee Coordinator.

Educational Resources

View our Awards, Grants and Incentives page to view past Award Recipients

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