Sustainability Advisory Committee

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The Gravenhurst Sustainability Advisory Committee, formally the Environmental Advisory Committee, is a community Subcommittee of Council. All meetings are open to the public.

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Mandate, Vision & Primary Role

Mandate & Vision: to advise, assist and make recommendations to Council on matters promoting the protection, maintenance and enhancement of all aspects of the environment in order to improve the quality of life of those who live, work and visit Gravenhurst by providing input on policy and by-laws.

Primary Role: provide advice on various initiatives such as:

  • waste management (garbage, recycling, composting, hazardous waste)
  • planning issues related to the natural environment (Official Plan, development proposals etc.)
  • urban forestry
  • community clean-up events
  • air quality
  • surface, ground and drinking water quality
  • wastewater treatment
  • pesticide use
  • promotion and public education campaigns with regarding to increasing awareness of environmental issues, policies, and programs and fostering sustainable development
  • tree by-laws
  • reviewing existing and developing new policies and by-laws related to environmental issues.
  • assist in the promotion, protection, maintenance and enhancement of the environment for the Town including:
  • assisting in the development of policies, programs and by-laws in compliance with provincial and other regulations, laws and policies which could have an impact upon any aspect of the environment
  • participate on the District of Muskoka's Climate Change Community Working Group
  • reviewing existing policies, programs and by-laws and making recommendations for improvements that may affect the environment
  • identifying, researching, consulting and bringing forward to Council, local and global issues that may affect the environment
  • soliciting and facilitating public input on matters of environment significance
  • monitoring of federal and provincial government directives and regulations on environmental related issues
  • conducting research on environmental related issues
  • liaising with other municipalities on environmental issues
  • staying educated on new environmental topics
  • holding public information sessions to inform members of the public about environment related
  • issues.

All Boards and Subcommittees of the municipality are governed by the same legislation:

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference outlines the purpose, structure, operating rules, and define the various roles of membership within a Subcommittee.

The Terms are jointly developed and approved by Council, and can change as the nature of the work of Council evolves.

View the Sustainability Advisory Committee's Terms of Reference.


  • Robert Barnes
  • Craig Little
  • Councillor Cairns (Council Representative)
  • Adam Ager (Staff Liaison)

Annual Work Plans & Year End Reports

Current information about the activities of the Subcommittee will be posted here:

Work Plans

Year End Reports

Year End Reports will uploaded here as they are made available.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas and Minutes for this Committee's meetings can be viewed within our Council Calendar when posted. 

If you wish to speak at a meeting, visit our Information and Special Request Page.

For more information on Schedules, Agendas and Minutes, please contact the Deputy Clerk/Committee Coordinator.

Educational Resources

The Committee have put together a list of relevant links to provide the public with education and knowledge of relevant environmental resources as follows:

Invasive Species

Invasive species are extremely difficult to eradicate once established and their ecological effects are often irreversible as they can alter entire habitats and/or food webs, decrease biodiversity, and threaten species at risk.

General Resources 


 Spongy Moth - formerly known as LDD or European Gypsy Moth
 Spongy Moth - Profile and Resources | Invasive Species Centre


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