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Notice - Repeal of Severn River Inn heritage designation

TAKE NOTICE that the Council of the Corporation of the Town of Gravenhurst intends to repeal the heritage designating by-law (82-48), under Section 32 of The Ontario Heritage Act (R.S.O 1990, Ch. O. 18), for the following property:   

Severn River Inn - 1002 Cowbell Lane

Town of Gravenhurst Council will consider the repeal of the heritage designating by-law at its regular meeting to be held on Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2024.   

Statement of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest – Severn River Inn: In 1858, James H. Jackson, an English settler, pioneered at the site and built a log cabin which evolved into a small general store, and then became Muskoka’s first post office on January 1, 1861. In 1906, a fire destroyed much of north Severn Bridge, including the buildings on this site. In 1907, the present brick building was erected and has since been used as a store, post office, telephone exchange, hotel, and boarding house for tourists and others. Architecturally, the building is a significant example of early Muskoka store and inn construction. Its exterior featured a store front façade of two six-paned windows, with round arched wooden windows throughout the building. A number of these windows retained a special etched glass in the upper portion of the pane. Originally, a pillared verandah existed on six sides of the T-shaped building, with a small railed private balcony over the verandah. In the interior, the original vertical four-inch tongue and groove V-joint wall paneling still existed, along with the sculptured six-inch pine trim. The parlour is distinguished by a sculptured pine archway and pillars.  

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION regarding the proposed designating by-law repeal is available at the Town of Gravenhurst municipal office. Please contact Angela Ghikadis, Planner during office hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday) by phone at 705-687-3412 ext. 2246 or by email at

Any person who objects to the proposed repeal of the designating by-law shall, within thirty days of the date of publication of this notice, serve on the Clerk of the Town of Gravenhurst a Notice of Objection setting out the reason for the objection and all relevant facts. 

Dated at the Town of Gravenhurst this 5th day of July, 2024. 

Kayla Thibeault 





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