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Living Here

Thinking of moving to Gravenhurst or have you just got here and not sure where to start? We can help you understand why Gravenhurst is an amazing place to live and work and help you get to know your new community.

Discover the Gravenhurst Advantage! whether you're looking for adventure in your retirement, comfort in raising your family or you're looking to follow your passion, Gravenhurst is full of opportunities. With a lower cost of living and short commute times, you can finally start enjoying activities you love and the arts and culture  you crave.  Gravenhurst allows you to move on from the daily grind and find balance with your fast-paced career and busy home life.

Discover your new community! Growing up, what was your favourite activity? Did you like to spend time by the lake, swimming, boating or fishing? Did you like camping, hiking or biking with your friends? Or was it the winter activities like snowmobiling that you couldn’t wait to enjoy? All of these activities are still flourishing in Gravenhurst and there are a whole host of other recreational, cultural and community opportunities just waiting for you. It's the community that really makes the Town. That sense of belonging makes Gravenhurst a great place to live. Whether you are starting a new business or raising your kids, the friendly neighbourhood and community services will help make all the difference. 

Finding a job can be one of the biggest challenges when moving to a new area. The Town has a number for resources to assist you or your spouse in finding meaningful employment or entrepreneurial support.

Contact Us

Town of Gravenhurst
3-5 Pineridge Gate
Gravenhurst ON P1P1Z3
T: 705-687-3412
TF: 1-855-687-3412

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