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Snow Removal Tips

  • DO NOT push snow from your private property onto public streets or sidewalk, as it is illegal. Pursuant to Part X (181) of the Highway Traffic Act “No person shall deposit snow or ice on the roadway without permission in writing from the Ministry or road authority…”
  • Shovel snow onto your property, away from the road and sidewalk;
  • DO NOT push large volumes of snow into ditches as it can turn into ice and block the culverts;
  • DO NOT park on public roads where it could obstruct snow removal or other winter maintenance efforts. Adhere to Winter Parking Bylaw 2022-125;
  • To ensure the clear passage of the sidewalk plow, DO NOT park vehicles on driveways in such a way that they block any part of the sidewalk;
  • Clear storm drains of leaves and snow to prevent flooding;
  • When piling snow on your property, take care not to block sightlines from driveways;
  • If you have a fire hydrant in front of your house, you can assist the District of Muskoka by clearing the snow from around the fire hydrant;
  • Consider assisting your elderly or disabled neighbour(s) by clearing snow for them;
  • You are reminded that you (the property owner) is responsible for clearing windrows from the end of your driveway;  and
  • Inform children not to play in snow banks at edge of road, snow piles in cul-de-sacs or any other area where snow removal takes place.

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