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Street Lights, Signals and Signs

Traffic control signs, streetlights and traffic signals, including those directing vehicles and pedestrians at intersections and crosswalks are necessary to ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians in our community. In an effort to meet this task, it is essential that streetlights and traffic signs be functional and efficient at all items.

In the Town of Gravenhurst, the type of traffic control mechanisms dictates who is responsible to maintain it.  The entity responsible for the maintenance of this infrastructure is summarized as follows:

  • Street Lights are maintained by a qualified contractor with the Town
  • Traffic Signs are maintained by the Town (i.e. stop signs, speed limit signs etc.)
  • Traffic Control Signals, as well as crosswalk instructions for vehicles and pedestrians, are maintained by the District of Muskoka

Luminaires (Street Lights), Street Signs and Traffic Control Signals are required to be maintained in accordance with the Provincial Minimum Maintenance Standards (O. Reg. 239/02, as amended). The minimum maintenance standard sets out inspection frequency as well as the amount of time that is allowed to pass before the repair must be completed.

Street Lights / Traffic signs on unassumed streets (generally in areas still under construction), are maintained by the developer. If your area is unassumed, please contact your developer regarding the condition of your street lights.

Street Lights

Street lighting provides a number of important benefits, one of which is to promote safety for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

The Town is responsible for the repair / replacement of street lights. The standard threshold for repairs is between 7 days to 30 days depending on the classification of road, and longer depending on the nature of the repair required.  Street light repairs can range from a light bulb replacement to repairing underground infrastructure (buried wires) that requires further investigation. Delays in obtaining utility locates, contractor scheduling, weather and emergencies also may play a factor in service delays. 

Traffic Signs

Traffic signs provides information to drivers of road speed, approaching speed humps, stop signs etc.

The Town is responsible for the repair / replacement of traffic signs. Depending on the nature of the concern identified the standard threshold for repairs ranges typically from 1 day to 2 weeks.

Traffic Signals

The District of Muskoka owns and operates traffic control signals as well as crosswalk instructions for vehicles and pedestrians and is responsible for their repair and maintenance. The District considers any signal outage or malfunction or missing traffic signage / damage to be a top priority.

What We Do!

  • Monitors street lights and traffic signs to ensure that they are in good repair and functional;
  • Repairs, replace or install new traffic signs as required; and
  • Works with Town contractor to repair malfunctioning street lights.

 How You Can Help?

  • When reporting a street light or traffic signal issue, you can help the maintenance process by providing the nearest street address or the number marked on the pole and a description of the problem such as: signals on flash, street light outage or flickering, lights left on through the day, damaged poles, missing / damaged stop signs, or other damage or malfunction traffic signals. Be certain to mention conditions where wires are down or exposed. Always stay clear of broken poles or tree limbs in contact with electrical system

How long will it take to fix my street light?

Street Lights repairs / replacements are addressed on a priority and scheduling basis and in accordance with O. Reg. 239/02.  The threshold for repairing / replacing streetlights ranges from 7 days to 30 days, depending on the classification of the road. Repairs may take longer if the issue is a system fault (not just the street light).

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