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Reduced Load Period and Permits

2024 Reduced Load Period (Town of Gravenhurst) begins March 4th, 2024

Load restriction in effect 5 tonnes per axle

During the annual spring thaw period, typically early March to late May, District of Muskoka municipalities place ‘half-load’ or ‘reduced/seasonal load’ restrictions on the majority of its roadways.

This year, the reduced load restriction in the Town of Gravenhurst comes into effect on  Monday, March 4th, 2024  (Restriction of 5 tonnes per axel). 

Every year, the Town (in partnership with the District of Muskoka) monitors thaw progression by utilizing patrol inspections and the forecast temperature data from Environment Canada and the local Weather Network. Depending on the progression of the thaw, restrictions may come into effect quickly, sometimes with only a few days’ notice. Once the pavement strength has been restored, the load restrictions are removed.

Purpose of a Load Restriction:

Each spring, as frost comes out of the ground and moisture comes out of the road bed, roads to become softer and weaker making roads susceptible to permanent damage caused by heavy loads. The seasonal load restriction protects the road and road base from damage caused by wheel loads of heavy vehicles and is ultimately intended to increase the lifecycle of municipal roadways.

Town Roads EXEMPT from Reduced Load Periods

Road Name (Schedule A – Bylaw 2009-019)

Clarence Street

from Gillan Dr. South to Edward St

Edward Street

Entire length

George Beard Lane

Entire length

Gillan Drive

Entire length

Industrial Drive

Entire length

Progress Road

Entire length

Talisman Drive

Entire length

Winhara Road

From Langford Dr, north to town limits

Alternate Route 

Visit an interactive map of District road half-load restrictions on Muskoka GeoHub, the District’s online web mapping portal. 


To ensure the protection of certain roads The Town of Gravenhurst puts a weight restriction of 5 tonnes per axle on the roads under the Towns jurisdiction.

It is advisable that interested parties should make appropriate arrangements prior to the weight restriction period. Any deviations to this must strictly adhere to the exceptions under the Highway Traffic Act.

Truck operators travelling through the Town of Gravenhurst (i.e. not making a local delivery) are legally obligated to use only roadways designated as permissive truck routes. This same requirement extends to designated District of Muskoka and MTO highways.

All roads within the Town of Gravenhurst, other than those noted above, require an ‘Overload Permit’.  An ‘Overload Permit’ is required for individuals/operators or companies wanting to move loads that exceed Ontario Ministry of Transportation legislated limits on height, length, width, or weight, or travel on a road that is indicated as a Reduced Load Restriction (maximum 5 tonnes per axle).

It is the sole discretion of the Town, based on risk, whether to issue such a permit to an operator(s) wanting to move loads exceeding the allowable limit.

District and MTO Highways:

For restrictions on District roads and / or Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) highways, please contact the appropriate jurisdiction.

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