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About Us

The Gravenhurst Fire Department got its official start in 1887 and has been actively involved in the community since that time. 

Our mantra is UT ALII VIVANT which means So Others May Live.

Fire Stations & Apparatus

Pumper 1

Make: Pierce Saber

Year: 2008

Pumping Capacity: 5000L/min

Onboard Water: 2295L


Tower 1

Make: Pierce Enforcer Ascendant

Year: 2022

Pumping Capacity: 9520L/min

Onboard Water: 1135L

Tower Height: 30M (100')

Rescue 1

Make: Dependable Mini Rescue

Year: 2017

Tanker 1

Make: Pierce Saber

Year: 2009

Pumping Capacity: 1932L/min

Onboard Water: 7737L

Tanker 1-2

Make: Metalfab Freightliner

Year: 2018

Pumping Capacity: 1932L/min

Onboard Water: 6400L

Utility One

Make: Dodge 1500 eTorque

Year: 2023

Car One

Make: Dodge 1500 eTorque

Year: 2022

Pumper 2

Make: Pierce Contender

Year: 2010

Pumping Capacity: 5000L/min

Onboard Water: 2837L

Tanker 2

Make: Dependable Spartan

Year: 2013

Pumping Capacity: 5000L/min

Onboard Water: 6819L

Utility 2

Make: GMC 2500

Year: 2016

Pump: Darley Skid Load

Onboard Water: 909L


Make: Polaris Ranger

Year: 2023

Pump: Darley Skid Load

Onboard Water: 250L

Pumper 3

Make: E-One Superior

Year: 2004

Pump Capacity: 5000L/min

Tank Capacity: 2728L

Utility 3

Make: Chevrolet 1500

Year: 2009




The Gravenhurst Fire Department's functions are divided into divisions. Each division plays an important role in the delivery of our services to our community and visitors.

The Administration Division is responsible for the day-to-day business of the Department. It oversees the creation and maintenance of budgets and facilitates the purchase of new equipment. 

It is also responsible for the recruitment and onboarding of new firefighters, administering personnel records and overseeing the health and safety of the Department.

This division ensures that the Department is compliant with all relevant legislation and the development of the Operational Guidelines utilized by all other division of the Gravenhurst Fire Department.


This division is the most visible of all of our divisions. This is the division that responds to any and all calls for assistance from our community.

The Emergency Operations Division responds to motor vehicle collisions, structure fires, wildland fires, hazardous materials incidents, specialized rescues and many other emergencies.

The Training Division develops, delivers and maintains all training programs for the Department. Initial recruit training, specialized rescue training, new equipment training and regular weekly maintenance training are the responsibility of the Training Division.

This division also ensures that all Department personnel meet legislated certification requirements.

A fire department has many varied pieces of equipment and numerous vehicles. The Technical Maintenance Division facilitates the repair and ongoing upkeep of the life-saving equipment we use, so that when a call comes in, it is ready for service.

This division is sub-divided into two distinct but related groups of responsibilities. Prevention and public education.

Prevention responsibilities include inspections of many types, fire code enforcement, investigations, plans review and assisting with public events planning.

Public education responsibilities include attendance at public events, school visits, smoke/CO alarm information, fire extinguisher training, and any other method that can be used to assist the community in making themselves and their homes safer.

This division is responsible for ensuring the Town of Gravenhurst is as prepared as possible for a large emergency, as well as maintaining the Town's compliance with the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act.

This may include but is not limited to conducting emergency exercises, delivering training to municipal staff and officials, liaising with many community partners to ensure interoperability when an emergency occurs.

The division also maintains the Town's emergency plan, a living document used as a guidance tool during municipal emergencies.

To learn more about the Town's municipal planning, and what you should do to prepare visit the Emergency Preparedness page.

Contact Us

Fire Department Headquarters

190 Harvie Street, Unit One, Gravenhurst, ON, P1P 1S9

T. 705-687-3414, F. 705-687-5725


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