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gull lake rotary park

Gull Lake Rotary Park 

Gravenhurst was originally named “McCabe’s Landing” after the McCabe family which began operating an outfitter, guiding service and tavern in 1859. By 1876 Gull Lake was the site of a shingle mill and a lumber mill. Eventually the shoreline was changed to welcome a public park and beach for the community to enjoy. Around 1950 a stage was installed in the water, and welcomed Queen Elizabeth in 1959. Now you can hear free live music at Music on the Barge Sundays in the summer. 

bethune house

Bethune House National Historic Site

Dr. Norman Bethune (1890-1939) was born at this John Street property which is now the Bethune Memorial House National Historic Site. Bethune enlisted in the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps in 1914, and was appointed as the first Medical Officer of the new Canadian Air Force established at the end of WWI. His greatest impact on medicine was in the 1930s, where he implemented mobile blood transfusion units on the battlefield. Many view him as a hero for his dedication to medicine.

blue willow tea shop

Blue Willow Tea Shop 

Named after the distinctive pattern found on ceramics beginning in the 1700s, the lovely Blue Willow Tea Shop is the best place to experience afternoon and High tea in Muskoka. In addition to a vast selection of delightful tea options, you will enjoy a delicious selection of sandwiches and cakes. The experience is extra special because of the location on AP Cockburn Square, overlooking Lake Muskoka with an excellent view of the RMS Segwun and Wenonah II steamships.

ungerman gateway park

Camp 20 

Ungerman Gateway Park, which is also home to Lorne Street Beach, is where you can check out the remains of Camp 20, a German prisoner of war camp in operation from 1940-1946. During its operation barbed wire fences were installed around nearly 1km of waterfront with a barrier all the way to the lake floor 200m from the shore so that prisoners could swim in the lake but not escape. All that’s left now is a fire hydrant, fence, and some pillars, but it used to have residences, a vegetable garden and a swimming area that caused many to describe their experience here as a vacation.


opera house

Gravenhurst Opera House & Heritage Square

The Gravenhurst Opera House dates to 1901, built on the site of the first Central Public School. After the great fire of 1887, and another fire in 1897 took down Town Hall and the fire station, the Town decided to build a multi-purpose facility that would be a more fire resistant brick structure. The building cost $5000 and was deemed extravagant by some. Since March 12th, 1901, the building has been the cultural centre of the town, seeing over six million patrons in its beautiful wooden seats.

arts at the albion

Arts at the Albion 

The original 1879 Albion Hotel was a frame building that perished in the great fire of 1887, and was rebuilt as the present red brick gothic revival-style hotel the following year. It was known for its pleasant parlors, spacious dining room and well-equipped bar, and is now known as the heritage building that is home to the Arts at the Albion: a cooperative art gallery featuring the diverse work of over twenty local artists and craftspeople. It truly is where history, art and community collide.

rock paper scissors company

Rock Paper Scissors Company 

There is a true maker culture in Gravenhurst, and one of the local artisans that represents it best is the Rock Paper Scissors Company. Book a workshop to create your own custom decor, like a serving board or custom sign, or stop in at the pop-up shop adjacent to their workshop to see the gorgeous handmade furniture, textiles and art they produce using reclaimed wood and a whole lot of passion for quality and original craftsmanship.

the oar restaurant

The Oar Restaurant 

The art of cuisine is evident on every plate served at Gravenhurst’s The Oar Restaurant. For nearly twenty years, this local landmark has offered a menu that combines aesthetic appeal and exquisite flavour. With decor that embodies Muskoka’s lakeside vibes, and chefs who create with only the freshest ingredients, you can be assured that your dining experience will be memorable. 


Lions lookout park

Lions Lookout Park 

This is a view of the Muskoka Wharf that many visitors don't realize is even there! Beginning in the 1860s, the 89-acre wharf region beyond Lions Lookout Park was once a bustling mill site, where the steamships shared the waters with thousands of logs that were waiting to be processed and sent off on the train. Now, this lookout is one of the best vantage points to take in the beautiful Muskoka Steamships: the Wenonah II and the RMS Segwun.

muskoka discovery centre

Muskoka Discovery Centre

The evolution of the boat building and steamship industry was deeply influenced by the craftsmanship of Muskoka’s boat builders. The grace and speed of their legacy is showcased and celebrated at the Muskoka Boat & Heritage Centre, where visitors can view the largest in-water display of classic boats, explore the interactive watershed wonders exhibit, and wander the museum to immerse yourself in the beauty of the land and the history of settlement of the region.


The Shipyards

By 1875, railroad connections were established to the port of Lake Muskoka at the Wharf which allowed the transfer of goods from the shipyards, and to allow visitors to board the Steamships en route to resort properties throughout the region. In this spirit, The Shipyards Muskoka Marketplace is an eclectic artisan marketplace where vendors showcase home decor, textiles, jewelry and food - much of which is made by Muskoka artisans using locally sourced materials and ingredients.

sawdust city brewery

Sawdust City Brewing Company 

Into the 1880s, hardworking and adventurous locals launched the lumber and boat-building industries by operating an astonishing 14 different sawmills in Gravenhurst, the huge piles of sawdust produced at those sites were the origin Of Gravenhurst’s nickname "Sawdust City". Since 2011, the hardworking and adventurous folks at Sawdust City Brewing Company have done the same...with beer! Staff welcome you to take a selfie at the world’s largest Muskoka chair - it’s 21 feet high - then head inside to see the 20,0000 square foot brewhouse, canning line, taproom, retail store and patio.


the bakery

The Bakery

People come from far and wide to line up for the fresh doughnuts and apple fritters made from scratch each morning at Gravenhurst’s The Bakery. In 1959, The Rebelein family took over ownership of this local bakery, which they say was equipped with a small pizza oven for baking and an old bathtub for washing dishes. It’s become a destination for those ready to start their day in the tastiest way.

gravenhurst opera house

Heritage Walking Tour 

You can choose your own adventure when you take on the 6km Gravenhurst Heritage Walking Tour, which can be done by foot, in a vehicle or as a mix of both! This route shares the stories that live in 25 local buildings. It shares deep intel about Gravenhurst’s founding families, the Town’s tragic fires, and the noteworthy legacies of local heroes. There are also lots of unique local businesses along the route that will entice your curiosity too!

peninsula trail

Peninsula Trail 

This short trail meanders along the peninsula at the western end of the Muskoka Wharf in Gravenhurst. The Peninsula Trail offers stunning views of Lake Muskoka, and lakeside sights of the Muskoka Steamships dock and Greavette Island. There are gazebos at both ends, and you can extend your exploration if you continue on the boardwalk around Muskoka Bay to view the RMS Segwun and Wenonah II steamships that offer a glimpse at the steamship era that began operating here in 1887.

muskoka bay resort

Muskoka Bay Resort 

Whether you are ready for your next experience or you’re looking to relax after a big day of exploring, Muskoka Bay Resort has what you need. The resort features a championship golf course; trails for hiking, biking and cross-country skiing; and many other seasonal sporting options for active individuals of all ages. And when it’s time to chill, you can soak in the cliff top infinity pool, indulge in the onsite spa, and savour exquisite dining at the Cliffside restaurant.

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