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Jevins and Silver Lakes Trail

This remote trail travels through the Jevins & Silver Lakes Conservation Reserve, a provincially significant area of rare species of flora and fauna including Ontario’s only lizard, the five-lined skink.  A scenic route passing numerous wetlands, ponds and bogs between Kahshe Lake and Doe Lake, this section is also a main snowmobile route in the winter months.

Trail Information

Trailhead location: 1320 Sam Cook Rd. & 1038 Conservation Rd

Trail Map

Accessibility Information

Trail Surface: uneven natural earth, barren rock

Trail Width: Avg. 2.0m, Min. 0.35m

Typical Grade: 1 - 5 % (37% of the trail is +/- 1%, 239m of the trail is between 15 - 30%)

Cumulative Change in Elevation (north to south)

Gain + 81.1m   Loss - 82.9m

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