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Leo Heritage Trail

This trail provides an alternate route between the downtown area and Muskoka Wharf.

  • trail follows the former rail line through forested areas on flat terrain.
  • At Muskoka Wharf, this trail connects to other trails running between the baseball diamond, splash pad area and the playing fields.

Trail Information

Located along the former rail line, this trail runs from the end of John Street South to James Street West at Muskoka Wharf.

Parking at the Staff Sergeant Larry Bigley K-9 Park, you pass the trail head on the way to the parking area.

Trail Map

Accessibility Information

Trail Surface: hard packed granular screenings

Trail Width: Avg. >2.0m, Min. 2.0m

Typical Grade: 1 - 5 % (36% of the trail is +/- 1%, 11m of the trail is between 15 - 30%) 

Cumulative Change in Elevation (east to west)

Gain + 3.1m   Loss - 25.1m

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